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You can connect to internet via a smartphone which acts as a hotspot.  You do not need the cellular built in iPod because you need a smartphone anyway. 
How many iPod Touch Apple sold last quarter/year?  Apple could turn around the iPod business with todays changes.  I have been preaching Apple to start iPad model with 32GB for a long time. 
All these 'features' by Lyric/Nest can be easily done by programming.  Yet they hype it so they can charge premiums.  This is unapple.  Apple always bring new features to the masses with very reasonable prices.
According to this article Apple is planning to build iPad in US. 下一代iPad已經確定拉回美國生產 http://autos.udn.com/topic/car/news/article.jsp?type=article&f_SUB_ID=46&f_ART_ID=21613
How about the LeapPads by LeapFrog?  Are they tablets? 
It is becoming interesting and more interesting.  Google is most valuable that it can sell a glass that costs $75-$150 to make for $1500.  Yet all the Apple copycat companies in the world including Samsung dare not to make a cheaper knockoffs.  Why?   The reason is interesting.  Google is a tyrant  internet content provider.  Google will simply refuse to deliver content to any copycat glass wear.  The world has changed a lot.  I am afraid no one in Apple is able to deal...
How about the existing hundreds of millions of iPhone users?  I don't think Apple will like to alienate these users or force them to upgrade the phone.  Incorporating NFC Apple helps billions of Android users and hurt its own base. 
I think this lady actually thought she will will be able to receive iMessages after switching to Android.  This is like the smartphone kill mechanism many Android users want that they coerced lawmakers to force smartphone makers to implement it although I think Apple has a patent.  
No, does not comply with Apple store image.  Why not retractable steel chairs?
May be some chairs made of steel?
New Posts  All Forums: