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  I think this sensor will save the user a few seconds each time.  In all it will save iPhone users hundreds of millions of seconds each day.  This is what convenience is about. 
I think this finger print sensor is a very powerful law enforcement device.  Imagine that it will record the finger print of a thief and be turned over to law enforcement upon request by the legitimate owner. 
I like Yahoo Weather too.  I wish Yahoo can make an iPad optimized version. 
Hmm?  I think I am talking to Siri.
Wrong reply.
Apple does make mistakes.  Jobs said 7" tablet is not suitable to users.  Don't you remember what Jobs said?
Eight years ago I have been able to run a gps enabled navigation program on my mac with a gps device plugged in.  
It seems you did not read the article yourself. 
It is like what I said above.  The Kindle Fire lacks several key components to make it more useful. 
Apple made a serious mistake not putting the gps chip inside iPad wifi models.  After three years numerous tablet apps wants the location of the device. 
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