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Most of people do not understand the real reason China Mobile has not offered the iPhones.  It is because China Mobile did not have 4G technology before.  China Mobile has deployed 4G to some of vast networks now. The iPhones may help it to advertise the new feature tremendously. 
Is this the way the court to retaliate Apple for conspiring to raise the retail price of e-books by allowing lawyers charging exorbitant fees to Apple? So the court is no better than Apple. This makes suspicious of the court's authority to judge Apple. The case seems a conspiracy from Amazon and its anonymous friends. 
What I think is happening is Samsung is losing high end smartphones very rapidly after Apple released iPhone 5S.  For example, iPhone sales in Japan in October is a whooping 76%.  Japan is a very rich country.  Japanese certainly can afford high end smartphones.  Thus Japanese are very much exposed to Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, Note 2 and Note 3s.  Despite this fact, Japanese are moving to iPhones in droves.  This says there are some inherent problems of Androids that Samsung...
 I don't think mouseover is the same as the one on iOS I talked about. 
This feature exists since the beginning of iOS.  I think MS has a lot of time to copy it to Windows 8. 
Yes, there is one advantage of web browsing on an iPad than on a PC that every body should know:  if you encounter a word that you have not learned you can easily get its definition by touching it longer.  I am thrilled by this feature. 
What word processing program is available on Androids?
Then why the display on the first mini costs $80 while it is just $62 on Nexus 7? http://www.isuppli.com/Teardowns/News/Pages/Low-End-iPad-mini-Carries-188-Bill-of-Materials-Teardown-Analysis-Reveals.aspx http://www.isuppli.com/Teardowns/News/Pages/Low-End-Google-Nexus-7-Carries-$157-BOM-Teardown-Reveals.aspx
My point is very clear. You can not understand because you read my post with a colored glass.
Low-End Google Nexus 7 Carries $152 BOM, Teardown Reveals http://www.isuppli.com/Teardowns/News/Pages/Low-End-Google-Nexus-7-Carries-$157-BOM-Teardown-Reveals.aspxLow-End iPad mini Carries $188 Bill of Materials, Teardown Analysis Reveals http://www.isuppli.com/Teardowns/News/Pages/Low-End-iPad-mini-Carries-188-Bill-of-Materials-Teardown-Analysis-Reveals.aspxThis is iPad mini not retina mini.
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