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Jiangsu TV reports iPhone 5S/5C sales are hot.  One local CM store in Shanghai sold 70 in the morning.  Another sold 120. Video shows line lines before a store opens.
We should dig out the secret relation between Amazon and this judge.  Then this case will be automatically dismissed and the judge be put in jail. 
Then what can DOJ sue Apple about?
Why Amazon did not sue Apple by itself?
This is illegal. How can the judge that appointed Michael Bromwich make the decision the second time? The US Judicial system is fully corrupted.
May be you can ask him if he uses any Apple products. 
Bloomberg news said "Apple wins appeal ..." by Susan Decker.
I think Samsung released the iPad Pro rumor through its legions of hitters.
Lawyers will make USA mediocre. 
Will this episode be how Jobs established Apple legacy being dismantled through US legal system?
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