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Your understanding is better than the other poster.  Experimental results all have deviations.  Scientists don't throw out their measurements because they are all different.  What can be accepted as long as the difference does not vary unreasonably.  
You don't know physics.  You don't know what I said.  
The test is not run on different chip sets.  The phones all run with Apple A9 chip sets.
It is probably not software.  Why would software run differently for different chips?
The previous test also shows the same difference.  Not every measurement is statistical.  You know that.  When scientist measured the speed of light, no one said he needs to make several thousand measurements.  
28 percent is not small.
If Apple is extremely honest to the users, it should explain why the Geekbench 3 test show such big difference between the two chips.
The tests did not find any speed difference between the two chips.  So it is probably energy leakage as some poster said here.
Who submitted these phones for FCC approval?  I have a hunch that it is not Google or Alphabet. 
Apple is getting worse.  The Stock app in iOS 9 no longer works as before.  Some functionality is not working.  
New Posts  All Forums: