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It is not a small 0.1% problem.  Otherwise Apple would not announce a replacement program.  It is a systemic failure because Apple has tracked a SN that could cause this problem.  Something went wrong.
iPhone camera does not have this problem is previous generations.  My statement that Apple quality is getting worse is based on this simple fact.  
Apple quality is getting worse. 
The Street is worrying about slowdown or negative growth not Chinese not buying iPhone at all.  The Yuan devaluation is an after effect.  Chinese economy is slowing down fast forcing devaluation to avoid recession.  The slowdown means some Chinese are getting richer less thus forcing them to reconsider purchasing an iPhone.  Economy is not a simple deductive reasoning.  It is more like a chain reaction.  
Why Samsung makes much less money than Apple with comparable pricing model? 
Recently I became aware of serious drawback of iPad.  It seems funny all the supposedly long term Apple fans have not mentioned it here or anywhere else.  I was trying to use Apple Play+mirroring to display the iPad screen on a HD TV through Apple TV.  The iPad screen displayed on the TV in a smaller area.  This is not desirable as this is to let a group of people to be able to look at the iPad together.     Later, I tried to do this with an iPhone 5.  Wow!  The display...
My first thought is Google is separating businesses according to whether they are making money.  Remember Google bought Motorola then sold it off mercilessly?  Before it sold Motorola it treated Motorola employees not as Google employees.  So after this new divorce people working outside of Google is no longer called Googlers?  The article is too vague.  Is the self driving car division under Google or not?  What is the criteria?  How about in the future?  Will Google...
It is very funny.  Germany has the strongest privacy laws that Germany require FaceBook to allow anonymous names.  Yet terrorists never strike Germany.   If the suspect is already under surveillance why tens of thousands of FBI employees can not be used?  The truth is the government is putting a huger number of Americans under surveillance.  The government is already out of hands.  So it needs to use high tech to finish the work.  Is this 1984 precursor?
One reason that Samsung share dropped in China is Chinese authority wants the carriers to reduce smartphone subsidy.  
Three reasons that China sales are so strong: China Mobile started selling iPhone on Jan 17, 2014, China Mobile deployed LTE last year, Chinese preferred larger screen iPhone 6S.
New Posts  All Forums: