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You don't need two cameras to accomplish this.  You can do this by taking two pictures rapidly one after the other.
SONY image sensors are 50% more than other manufacturers.  Apple is paying a premium for SONY 8MP image sensors.  Apple can not easily move up to 13MP without hurting its profit margin. 
Does he know the high tech industry is highly competitive?  If the employee can not perform he is easily fired.  If the company can not compete it will be gone in no time.  How can a high tech company hire anyone that can not do the job? 
Haven't he tried this before when Steve Jobs was alive?  
Google's motto is do no evil.  Is fooling people an evil thing? Look at this Bloomberg report.  "Google Glass Leads Video-Game Makers to Test Wearable Potential" http://finance.yahoo.com/news/google-glass-leads-video-game-210732984.html "Developer Shawn Hardin, showing off his company's video-game creation, slings pies, tomatoes and other bits of food at opponents linked online around the world. Yet rather than using an iPhone, laptop or game console to play his...
Be notified these wearable devices are gimmicks.  What the video purposely not showing is it requires an Android smartphone nearby.  Most of the functions will not work without the phone.  This is the same as the much hyped Google Glass.  these devices are simply bluetooth accessories.  And these deivces will cost hundreds of dollars up to fifteen hundred dollars for the Glass.  They are only suitable for hobbyists. 
Why do I feel Google and Apple 'competitors' are fooling people?  They make the wearable devices look like capable running apps just like Android OS. 
Apple missed a good opportunity to kill Samsung and numerous low end tablets makers by making the base model $32GB.  If the low end makers try to match they will lose money. 
I disagree.  It should be a right of every patent holder to sue without being punished. 
So Apple iPad Air won this year without showing means MWC admiting they made a bad decision last year?  A friend asks me yesterday is there a Chinese handwriting recognition software for the Nexus 7 he bought.  I told him there should be one.  The difference between Androids and iOS is Apple configured all necessary things for the user.  The so-called openness of Android OS requires the users to look for what they need and install them by themselves. 
New Posts  All Forums: