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OK I find a person that is willing to discuss the details.  Please tell us how much a blind person can use a smartphone.  Can he use FB app?  Can he use weather app? 
US is becoming crazy nation.  How much can a blind person use a smartphone?  How much can external organization dictate a company to design its product?  If iPhone is a monopoly, this may make some sense.  But but Google Android is dominating Apple iOS.  Isn't this a fact by all kinds of media reports? 
Same question to 16GB iPhone 5S users. 
My earlier post did a calculation based on a AT&T smartphone plan. Some one insisted that the smartphones are subsidized. 
Good you agree with me the phone is not subsidized.  I am not saying the telephone companies are raping us.  They have a lot of other things to spend like building the LTE network.  Further, they have been making the deals better recently. The multi-carriers model are benefiting the consumers.
You are not leasing the phone.  After two years the phone is yours. 
I never understand this.  Why would people pay full price for a smartphone if it can be subsidized?
Simple question to you.  When does the $3120 go in two years?  Only people poor in math think their smartphones are subsidized without thinking how much money they paid the telephone company in two years. 
 Most people upgrade after the two year plan.  The phone company already has this factored in the price. 
The word subsidized really is a marketing gimmick.  You are paying back with the two year plan.  For exmaple, the AT&T $130/month two smartphones plan will cost you $3120 in two years.  Compare this to the $50 to $75 price of your wish. 
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