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He did not say Apple will go down.  He says Apple will not be as successful without Jobs. 
Yes, from the beginning Google is trying to copy Microsoft's success against Apple with a sea of cheap iPhone clone makers. 
By Jim Finkle and Jennifer Saba (Reuters) - Google's informal motto is "don't be evil," but outspoken Silicon Valley billionaire Larry Ellison has accused the Internet company's CEO, Larry Page, of acting "absolutely evil." Ellison, the CEO and co-founder of software giant Oracle Corp, has long been famous for his zingers against business foes. He targeted Page as the two companies square off in a U.S. appeals court over a bitter lawsuit involving Google's Android...
Samsung with the help from Google steals iPhone design thoroughly thus became successful.  For most consumers they don't care they are buying counterfeit products from Samsung.  I don't think Apple should try hard to switch these types of consumers back to iPhone.   
Read your post #9 carefully. 
Because you think innovation is such an easy thing that Apple can easily use it to crush copycats. 
Nexus 7 battery life is still poorer than iPad.  How can yyou say it is better HW? 
I think Apple should not try to win back market share by selling cheap iPhones.  Apple is the most innovative company in the world.  The reward to Apple is huge profits.  Because Apple is able to sell to people that are willing to pay a premium price.  Trying to deal with people that can not pay will give Apple all kinds of problems.    But I fully agree with Apple pursuing patent litigations.  Because this is what an innovative company should do. 
I don't think Nexus 7 is popular due to the reasons you cited.  It is due to iPad wifi versions lacking a gps chip.  Because when Nexus 7 GPS developed a problem I was surprised there are so many users responded.  This means gps usage is very important to Nexus 7 users.  They bought Nexus 7 instead of ipad mini probably because of it. 
I think you don't know engineering or even capitalism.  Just answer the question.  Why Apple can keep iPhone market share near 50% but its market share in China dropped to 5% recently? 
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