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Apple implemented this feature in Find my iPhones years ago.  I believe Apple has a patent in  it.  I think the truth is Android fans want it.  The CTIA uses this tactic so Apple can allow Android users to use without paying Apple.  Apple made numerous innovations in iPhone.  The cheap Android users want these innovations.  What I hate is they they don't give Apple proper credit.  
The payment amount is less important to Apple.  Apple can achieve a big victory by demanding Samsung from removing these things. 
She is right.  The most important thing is whether Samsung stole/infringe Apple patents.  How many patents are stolen/infringed is important in determining the damages/penalties. 
HTC One M8 was released on March 25.  How does it take second place at Verizon?  So the numbers are shipped not actual sales?  Further, it easily trumped Samsung in March.  Does it mean Verizon did not order too much Samsung S4 and did not order any S5?
http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Apple_Inc._v._Samsung_Electronics_Co.,_Ltd.&action=history   A user with ip edited the article several times.  They are deleted by user Ging287 who claims he/she is " Hello. I am a casual user and minor contributor to Wikipedia. I mostly try to find typos and unsourced claims and fix/remove them."  Wikipedia does allow you to trace facts.  The ability to trace is very important in this internet age.
Hi DED,  please go to wikipedia and edit/create pages.  Each page has a history that any one can see.  No one can alter the history.  If your words are modified later they still can be read by going to the history.
The freemium model is fair.  The pricing is not fair. 
HTC was not able to obtain enough 4MP UltraPixel image sensors from STM initially.  It lost momentum. 
I think HTC One won MWC best smartphone for 2013.  It did not sell well.  May be second try will be different?
I am talking about the example you gave about the race car.  Since the car moved one car length, the picture taken will still not be clear.  Your use of two cameras do not solve this problem. 
New Posts  All Forums: