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I have two questions. First, what is the difference of the agency model in iBook store with the App Store? Two, what has changed in the iBook agency model?
Google reminds me of the movie "Pretty Woman".  Larry Page is Richard Gere.  Google bought Motorola without any ability of reviving Motorola.  Motorola was played around by Google as a business toy. 
A big difference.  Apple lose money with free Macs.  Apple still make money with a $499 32 GB iPad Air. 
A couple day AI has an article that showed that.  You missed it? From the discussion with you in another article I noticed you are like Apple management poor in math. 
I know Apple said it cares its users.  Then 32 GB iPad Air starting at $499 will make a lot its users happy. 
Apple has $14 billion more after earnings report.  AAPL dropped $50 after the report.
Because Google knows it can not make money compete directly with Apple products. 
 I think Apple management is very poor in math.  They are so obsessed with profit margins that they failed to keep the market share.  The iPads are losing market share.  One reason is many Android tablet starts with 32 GB.  Apple could easily increase the memory of base iPad Air and iPad mini to 32 GB and sell millions more that 26 million.  It will get less than $100 for each of the 26 million iPads.  The maximum loss is $2.6 billion.  This loss is easily recovered by the...
See what AI has missed.  I also think what is not reported in the deal is Google will license the patents to Lenovo just like it did to Samsung.   "Not only was Google's acquisition of Motorola Mobility a play to supercharge the Android ecosystem, it was a way for Google to take control over Motorola's portfolio of 17,000 patents and another 7,000 pending patents. At the time, Android was facing a number of "anti-competitive patent attacks" from companies like Microsoft...
AI, please update the article.  There is a news said Google will keep the patents.  Don't be fooled by Google.  Google is smarter than Apple. 
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