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I think many posters have a wrong understanding of Chinese courts. I have read many news. It seems the Chinese courts are actually fairer than DOJ.
There is another reason why news media favors Samsung. The US does not want South Korea to look bad. I think all US media clearly understand this important principle.
I think it is Steve Jobs that saw a lot of PC users really don't need a bloated PC that can run everything and very powerful.  Google follows Apple closely.  They understand where Jobs is leading Apple to. So Google develop an OS that mostly just run a browser. 
This article is not very informative.  What is the Google PC share?
I tried it.  It works.  You are an expert.  I heard that one can do FaceTime with multiple person.  Is this true? 
Many iPhone apps refuse to display in landscape orientation on iPad.  How do you fit them side by side with other apps? 
Really?  So FaceTime can be used as replacement for phone call? 
This is violating the original design of iOS.  Both iPad Air and iPad mini with retina display has a resolution of 2048-by-1536.  iPhone has a resolution of 1136-by-640.  Every app is written with these resolutions in mind.  Can you do the math how an app will look if it is fit into half of the screen? 
It looks like Samsung and the media are trying to implement Apple's fingerprint sensor technology in two steps.  First, on the home button but with swiping method.  If it does not work or does not work as well as TouchID, change it to touch method.  Then Kuo will pronounce that Samsang has 'matured'.
Can Apple sue US government if it later found irreparable harm? The Court is tricky using the word irreparable. What the Court says is OK if your found harm we will repair it for you but we will not pay the harm you already experienced.
New Posts  All Forums: