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Apple of course did not invent finger print sensor.  Nor is Apple the first putting it on a smart phone.  The difference is the details and this is patented by Apple.  Apple put it on the Home button.  And it is PATENDED! With your copying brain any software can be copied.  Because they are lines of lines C/C++/...  codes which the programer did not invent. 
I think Apple was originally sued by DOJ.  So how could DOJ tell the Circuit Court what to do?  DOJ is not a neutral party. 
Isn't he just rephrasing why the iPad succeeded in 2010?  
Remember that greedy Texas engineer that sued Apple for making iPhone/iPad?  The iPhone is not a PC.  The iPad is not a phone.  What he needs to sue is Samsung and many Android phablet makers. 
Jesus! Stupid and Greedy Americans. The USPS, a subsidiary of US government has been used by partners stuffing my mail box with unwanted materials causing me countless harms.
 You missed on thing.  CM has over 600 million customers.  A 600 people line is only 0.0001% of its customers. 
Apple may be guilty of raising eBook prices.  But installing such a monitor is witch hunt.  You know witch hunt is wrong with modern day standards. 
Jiangsu TV reports iPhone 5S/5C sales are hot.  One local CM store in Shanghai sold 70 in the morning.  Another sold 120. Video shows line lines before a store opens.
We should dig out the secret relation between Amazon and this judge.  Then this case will be automatically dismissed and the judge be put in jail. 
Then what can DOJ sue Apple about?
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