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The pundits say Samsung and Google won in the end.  They are wrong.  Guilty is guilty.  These days a lot of people have thick face skins.  Their noses are also especially long.  They all know Jobs outrages.  They pretend they have not read Jobs words.    From now on, no Androids can use these three court validated patents.  Without slide to unlock, without data detection, the Android users know they are hopelessly using an inferior device. 
Jury can not give Apple total victory for slide to unlock patent. Android phones will become clumsy to use without it.
Where is Google's Nexus 7?  Is Google the cheater actually selling Asus tablet as its own?  But Asus market share also declined despite being promoted by Google?
Very good point!  With bigger screen, your eyes want to be further from the screen to be comfortable. 
Not really.  This is a conclusion I reached today. 
The iPad mini is a failure too. In the recent quarter retina iPad mini sales fell more than iPad Air. In retrospect, the iPad mini was introduced because there are a lot of complaints that the iPad is too heavy.  But the mini size is not too different from iPad.  Since the Air is half pound lighter, the mini has lost its purpose.  Another product flop in Apple. 
I did not read this CIRP report before.  But it echos exactly the same point I made.   "Apple charges a $100 premium for each step in storage space for both the iPhone and iPad, and most of that is pure profit. An iPad Air with 16GB retails for $499, while the same tablet with 32GB runs $599, but Apple pays only $9 more for the memory in the latter, according to tear-down experts at IHS iSuppli."   "Apple sold relatively cheaper storage configurations for these leading...
How ironic you have switched to my original view which is iPads did not grow as the iPhone yoy because of the price.  My proposition is if Apple does not want to lower the price of iPad then it can exploit the advantages of iPad over the competitors. 
Before iPhone the carriers subsidized but the feature phone price was already well below $300.  You are clueless yourself.  The general public does care everything.  This is why Android market share is approaching 80%.  Who is the general public?  The 80% or the 20%? 
Of course I am talking about $$$.  The $499 price for iPad Air and $399 for rIpad mini is already hampering many potential buyers.  Your think iPhone 5S can grow 17% is purely because of it's quality?  I think its because of it is highly subsidized by the carriers.  You think iPhone 5S buyers have $$$?  Don't forget 5S can be had for $199 and sometimes is much beclow $199.  Compare this price with a $599 32 GB iPad Air.   We have to thank the carriers that Jobs convinced...
New Posts  All Forums: