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I am talking about the example you gave about the race car.  Since the car moved one car length, the picture taken will still not be clear.  Your use of two cameras do not solve this problem. 
This is the same problem to using two cameras too. 
You can merge two pictures taken with one camera too.
Two cameras can not stop the object moving either.
Pacing laterally will make HW thinnger?
I did not read the patent.  The question is why using two cameras can make HW thinner despite the patent claim.
Use a thinner camera of course.  The trick of using two cameras is it effectively doubles the lens, that is the ISO.
You don't need two cameras to accomplish this.  You can do this by taking two pictures rapidly one after the other.
SONY image sensors are 50% more than other manufacturers.  Apple is paying a premium for SONY 8MP image sensors.  Apple can not easily move up to 13MP without hurting its profit margin. 
Does he know the high tech industry is highly competitive?  If the employee can not perform he is easily fired.  If the company can not compete it will be gone in no time.  How can a high tech company hire anyone that can not do the job? 
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