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You may be right.  But Samsung engineers probably don't know how to put it in an app until they saw Apple's Passbook.
I think I have read from AI that Samsung R&D use iPhones instead of Androids. 
A trade war is going on between US and China.  Apple is becoming the target.  This is not good for consumers. 
I read the following comment by a reader called Googler in a phone arena article about problem of build quality of the new Nexus 7.  It made me laugh. Because it reminds me about the comments to every new Windows OS when it comes out.  The comments all praise it is more reliable.  For Apple users this is a completely different.  I frequently see people still using iPhone 3GS or iPad 2.  You know their answers if you are truly an Apple user yourself.     "Couple of...
To expose fraud is very important because the media likes to copycat each other.  They will stop doing copycat when there is a dispute. 
There is no doubt Apple will continue to sell well in China.  But I am talking about growing market shares in China. 
As this article implied, the Chinese are fast adopters of Apple products.  I think most people that desire to own the Apple products have already done so.  This may change if Apple change its strategy toward the China market. 
They could even sell their kidneys.  But honestly and statistically these cases have little't affect of the total numbers.
I think this implies Apple can expect at most 7% market share of total population.  And this is also too optimistic because some of the credit card holders will not buy the Apple product. 
I agree 100%.  It should be clear most people are 'forced' to upgrade to a smartphone from a feature phone because Samsung and Nokia produced some new smartphones almost as cheap as the feature phone.  But the truth of the facts are most of the people are not used to use the phone to surf the internet.  I think the analysts are wrong calling Apple to make cheap iPhones in the range of $200-300.  Apple will not make money on them.  Apple will not make money out of App...
New Posts  All Forums: