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You have the picture of Google logo on Nexus 7?
Nexus 7 is not really a Google product.  Show me a picture of Nexus 7 with Google logo on it. 
To let Google/NSA know what you are watching?
This is then the same functionality as Apple TV.  This is nothing new.  The only thing new is it is cheaper and plug in directly to tv.  But I doubt a $35 device can perform as good as Apple TV. 
I do not see what you said in the presentation.  The AI article said Chromecast stream and queue material from Android and iOS devices.  Do you know what is streaming?  It means what you see on the Android and iOS devices is streamed to Chromecast too.  This useage is different from Apple TV. 
One problem of Chromecast as compared to Apple TV.  With Apple TV, your iPhone/iPad battery will not be drained.  With Chromecast it will. 
Copied from another article. "There is nothing new here. You could buy something of this kind from China for at least two past years. Just google for Android TV (and may be add one of the following words A10, A9, A8, dongle). The price for these devices varies from $32 and upto $80 depending on configuration and manufacture's cost. All in all it is a miniature computer running Android (Linux for ARM microprocessor centered toward cell phones and tablets with touch screen)....
Who is doing customer support for these 'Google' devices?  If it is not Google then Google is just a front for some unknown manufacturers.  Just like the Windows PCs that have nothing to do with Microsoft.  
AT&T profit drops because it is subsidizing a lot more Android smartphones!
This cnet writer is lying.  He said he gets 10 hours of web browsing with the original nexus 7.  Google said the new nexus 7 gets one more hour of web browsing at 10 hours.  The Android world is full of dishonest people. http://www.zdnet.com/why-the-nexus-7-is-winning-my-heart-and-replacing-my-ipad-7000017947/
New Posts  All Forums: