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See what AI has missed.  I also think what is not reported in the deal is Google will license the patents to Lenovo just like it did to Samsung.   "Not only was Google's acquisition of Motorola Mobility a play to supercharge the Android ecosystem, it was a way for Google to take control over Motorola's portfolio of 17,000 patents and another 7,000 pending patents. At the time, Android was facing a number of "anti-competitive patent attacks" from companies like Microsoft...
AI, please update the article.  There is a news said Google will keep the patents.  Don't be fooled by Google.  Google is smarter than Apple. 
This is a mathematical question.  5S+5C+4S=51million.  S4=13million.  5S>S4>5C.  Are your math good enough to figure this out by yourself? 
5S is the number one US smartphone sales in Nov.  5C is number three.  Number two is GS4.
He is wrong about the 5S.
The person I quoted said.  He is called No one?
No, 5S to 5C ratio is like 3 to 1. If they are equal why the street think 5C is a failure?
But iPad is considered a replacement for the laptop.  Apple has been sued for the iPhone.  Because the Texas patent holder thinks he has a patent of putting the phone capability on a computer.  He did not sue all the other Android phablet makers like Samsung and he lost the suit to Apple.  Could Apple start putting the phone function to the iPad?  Do we have a legal expert on this forum? 
Samsung shipped 13 million Galaxy S4 according to some report.  This is far smaller than the 51 million iPhones Apple sold.  You can see that the media always pick the fact they like to exaggerate and not telling you the full story.  
His post said he joined Apr 13. lol
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