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Can you explain this to me?  Book prices varied from one to the other.  How do Apple and publishers collude together and agree on a artificially set price?  Do you or DOJ mean every book on iBook store is sold at one price? 
After discussing, I have a guess.  May be Pegatron allowing people over 20 to work for more hours.  And this is the reason the 15 year old faked the ID?
You are contradicting yourself.  Initially you try to lay the responsibility on Apple.  Now you admit Apple does have a code of conduct.  Are you still insisting its Apple responsibility to check ID validity of every Chinese worker? 
Again you are ignorant about Apple.  Apple wants the plant to obey local laws.  Please show me Apple document that forbid 15 year old worker.I don't know the exact rule in China factory.  But what you said in US is not true now.  The US factory use punch cards.  If the worker has rule exactly as the supervisors demand, then punch cards are mostly useless.  Again I don't thing you are a US worker or ever worked in a US factory. 
To an American the pay may seem like slavery.  To a 15 year old working in a high tech plant, it is different. 
Several of your points are ignorant.  You are probably a salaried worker or simply a company exective.  Workers are paid by hours or work performed.  Most of them like to work as much as possible.  They are not FORCED. Second, have you read the news carefully.  In China the minimum working age is 15.  Even in US, high school kids are allowed to work in summertime or halftime. 
China Labor Watch lacks professional ability of being faithful to truth. Why it does not list the other deaths in detail? It is engaging in a propaganda like most liberal groups.
Most of people do not understand the real reason China Mobile has not offered the iPhones.  It is because China Mobile did not have 4G technology before.  China Mobile has deployed 4G to some of vast networks now. The iPhones may help it to advertise the new feature tremendously. 
Is this the way the court to retaliate Apple for conspiring to raise the retail price of e-books by allowing lawyers charging exorbitant fees to Apple? So the court is no better than Apple. This makes suspicious of the court's authority to judge Apple. The case seems a conspiracy from Amazon and its anonymous friends. 
New Posts  All Forums: