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I use Kindle on my iPad too.  Its dictionary is worse than iBooks.
I was trying to post like yours then I saw your post.  Two more things that Apple can do to make the new iPad the most important, TouchID and gps chip in wifi models.
Motorola implemented it on Atrix differently from Apple. This is how much has changed I think. 
What is the purpose of patent?
Is it patented?
Apple is not losing IP wars this time.  Apple lost PC war because its brand was effectively blocked out by the PC manufacturers.  Macs are more expensive.  They sell to more affluent people.  In the PC era, the affluent people have much less chance of encountering a Mac user.  Their buying decision was influenced by PC users.  They did not know a Mac can do the same things a PC can do and do them better. But since PCs started to overwhelm Macs, there was a time many...
They will argue that fingerprint sensors are prior art Apple can not patent it.  There will usually be a one to two years lag before the copycats have TouchID like Android phones. Apple need to start writing the patent lawsuit papers now. 
 Are you an American?  Do you know American history?  Do you know what you said about Tibet to China relation has similar case in US? What about Alaska?  How can US annex Alaska or buy it from Russia?  You might say Alaska became a state through a public vote.  But do you know that most of the votes are from white Immigrants?  Not the native Eskimos?  Why white immigrants have the right to decide?  And you don't know history too.  Japan has been conquered China.  Over...
 Are you one of the programmers?  Or do you know them well?  How do you know they only program for iOS?  Since Android platform is much bigger than iOS now, I think most programmers will program for both.   Do you know Relativity?  Do you know why NSA snoop on everybody?  Have you every realized the reason NSA snooped on us are equally valid for any government on earth?  So why NSA does it?  I think it is for the safety of Americans.  So the most powerful and prosperous...
 You are really a political animal.  Why would China care if Apple open a retail store in Taiwan?  Your arguments are so weak that they don't make sense at all.  Let me tell you the real reason Taiwan is hostile to Apple.  Taiwan made a fortune in the last thirty years producing Windows devices.  They think Apple is their main obstacle to the fortune.  Apple knows how poorly iPhones are sold in Taiwan.  Therefore Apple does not open a retail store there.  Personally I feel...
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