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 You are really a political animal.  Why would China care if Apple open a retail store in Taiwan?  Your arguments are so weak that they don't make sense at all.  Let me tell you the real reason Taiwan is hostile to Apple.  Taiwan made a fortune in the last thirty years producing Windows devices.  They think Apple is their main obstacle to the fortune.  Apple knows how poorly iPhones are sold in Taiwan.  Therefore Apple does not open a retail store there.  Personally I feel...
 Your rhetoric is typical of American anti-China propaganda for the last several hundred years.  The Chinese cultural values are traditionally disciplinary.  This is not originated from communism.  This Chinese cultural value is one of the reasons US Congress passed the Chinese Exclusion Act around 1870 when the word communism does not even exist.   I don't think you know the value of freedom of speech.  You think American values are great and can not be challenged.  Yet...
 Are you from India?  It seems you don't know India.  I have read that India even not allowing foreign companiese to own retail stores there.  This is why Apple has to sell iPhones through Indian retailers.  
 The shutdown is not what is being talked about here.  What we are talking about are laws.  
 1. thought most people already know Taiwan so I did not elaborate.  Taiwan is one of the four dragons.  The other three all have Apple retail stores.  Taiwan is a high tech manufacturing base.   Most other nations that do not have an Apple retail lack the criteria Taiwan have.  2. Yes, two Taiwanese companies already assemble products for Apple.  But the manufacturing is in China.  So anybody advocating Apple move manufacturing to Taiwan is a fool and is purely...
 Can Americans do things againest the US government?  I don't think so.  So your logic is flawed.  
These activists are very selfish.  Did they try to make an Android version of the app?  The iPhone is only #7 in China.  The number 1 to number 6 smartphones in China are all running Androids.  Why would Apple be utilized by these people?  Personally I don't think these activists are good for China.  And this is the reason they are banned.  
 I think you are a fool.  Don't you know Apple does not have an Apple retail store in Taiwan?  Do you know the reason? Taiwanese hate Apple.  
 Apple could also do this making 32 GB the base model in the new iPad/iPad mini.  Add $100 to the 64 GB and $200 to 128 GB models.  
 Samsung Galaxy Tab 8 and 10 are not selling cheaper than iPad and iPad mini.  Samsung sells them very well through Costco.  
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