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I think all the reviewers misunderstand what kind device Google Glass really is. Google Glass is not a cell phone. It is simply a bluetooth accessory. It won't function without connecting to a real smartphone. When the reviewers have this true understanding then they may actually write a review without all these negative observations.
This is a little known secret of iOS and OS X vs all the competitors.  Apple OSs are more efficient.  Appple has taken advantage by making its product thinner and lighter instead of lasting longer. But mobile computing makes lasting longer more important to users.  
Very well described.  However, I think here is an advantage that Apple should exploit.  Instead of making the 5S as thin as 5, Apple should increase its battery life to 12 hours.  Then Apple will silence a lot of the bashings from the media I truly believe.  
If you can use an external monitor why do you care about the battery life?  Further why do you disconnect power using external monitor?
I think all these copycats will eventually fail.  Because Apple is a very innovative company.  Take a look of the Mac products.  Can you count how many changes Apple has done over the years? 
I wish siri would allow me to switch languages easily without going to settings.
The perfect solution will be to let user select which apps can be automatic updated. 
Google is even a worse offender.  The recent Chrome app update version is 27.0.1453.10.  Look at the third digit.  They have turned over the software for thousands of times.  I think the developers are very careless.    But at least the description included several improvements. 
I am feeling more and more annoyed by the countless OS and app updates.  Most of them are just bug fixes.  Why can't the developers include one or two new features in addition to the bug fixes?   
Google Glass is a bluetooth device.  It is too expensive for an accessory to cost $1500.  
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