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MacBook Pro? All? No iMacs? What things that MacBook Pro can do iMac can not do?
This is not social activism.  This is whether Apple broke the law.  There is a lot of distrust of DOJ and DOJ appointed judge in this case.  Apple should fight all the way to the Supreme Court!  Do you know there is a reason for the existence of the Supreme Court? If Apple don't fight for the rightness how could it fight for the patents?  For a true leader consistency is utterly important. 
I disagree.  Apple should make no compromise to truths and facts.  This is what separates Apple from its competitors.  If Apple gives up, it loses the trust of its customers. 
What harm does the monitor hurt Apple?  I think the simple answer is Apple management is invloved in a lot of trade secret works.  Allowing any outsider or even lower level employee to inquire the exectives of course will cause unforeseen harm.    Could the Court protect Apple on trade secrets?  Of course not!  A case in pint is the release by Samsung counsel of Apple licensing agreement with Nokia.  Even after Apple filed complaint.  The Court choose not to publish...
How did Apple manipulate market prices?  Apple simply let the publishers set the prices they like.  Apple did not do anything.  So not doing anything is manipulating prices?
Wow!  This reads very much like an order form the North Korean leader. 
Yes, it is. 
First, then Apple can be sued for the App Store too. Second, does Amazon negotiate with the publishers one at a time?  Why is this needed?  For most goods the manufacturers sell to the retailers at a discount to MSRP.  The retailers then set a price to sell.  Apple's model is fundamentally the same as this.  Only that Apple decided to mark up at 30%.  So Apple is not legal.  The DOJ and the judge is all screwed up in their brain.
I have two questions. First, what is the difference of the agency model in iBook store with the App Store? Two, what has changed in the iBook agency model?
Google reminds me of the movie "Pretty Woman".  Larry Page is Richard Gere.  Google bought Motorola without any ability of reviving Motorola.  Motorola was played around by Google as a business toy. 
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