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Hmm?  I think I am talking to Siri.
Wrong reply.
Apple does make mistakes.  Jobs said 7" tablet is not suitable to users.  Don't you remember what Jobs said?
Eight years ago I have been able to run a gps enabled navigation program on my mac with a gps device plugged in.  
It seems you did not read the article yourself. 
It is like what I said above.  The Kindle Fire lacks several key components to make it more useful. 
Apple made a serious mistake not putting the gps chip inside iPad wifi models.  After three years numerous tablet apps wants the location of the device. 
I think the iPhoto app was released later than the iPad.  I also believe iPhoto app will have the same functionality of the iPhoto application on the Mac. 
My estimate is a high estimate.  My point is even with my estimate, the iPhone can not use the same power as a refrigerator.  My estimate provide a workable way to calculate the power usage of an iPhone. 
It is possible to give an estimate following DPG logic.  But I think their estimate is orders of magnitude too large.  Here is my estimate.  Say you have an AT&T 3GB plan.  Each month you use 3GB of cellular data.  How much time does various servers take to deliver the 3GB to your iPhone?  The speed of the LTE varies.  25 25Mb/s is reasonable.  3GB will take 960 seconds or 16 minutes. How much power does a computer use in 16 minutes?  Of course the 3GB may require the...
New Posts  All Forums: