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I think the iPhoto app was released later than the iPad.  I also believe iPhoto app will have the same functionality of the iPhoto application on the Mac. 
My estimate is a high estimate.  My point is even with my estimate, the iPhone can not use the same power as a refrigerator.  My estimate provide a workable way to calculate the power usage of an iPhone. 
It is possible to give an estimate following DPG logic.  But I think their estimate is orders of magnitude too large.  Here is my estimate.  Say you have an AT&T 3GB plan.  Each month you use 3GB of cellular data.  How much time does various servers take to deliver the 3GB to your iPhone?  The speed of the LTE varies.  25 25Mb/s is reasonable.  3GB will take 960 seconds or 16 minutes. How much power does a computer use in 16 minutes?  Of course the 3GB may require the...
Is this the reason Digital Power Group says an iPhone uses as much energy as a refrigerator?
You are not credible. The iPhoto app will let you create your own galleries. You don't know? The fact is for iOS, your use various apps to play with files.  
This 'camera' will be an accessory of smartphone.  Thus is will be able to take advantage of all the functionalities of smartphones. For example, each shot can record the location.  Each photo can be store in the album automatically and emailed. One problem I see is the power.  Does it use the iPhone battery?  Is so, it will drain it easily.
I think a fair and easy comparison is how many top 100 apps are optimized for 'both' smartphone and tablet on each platform.  Dow any one know the numbers?
Does any one know why a big software company like Yahoo can not deliver its very good weather app optimized for iPad?  It is only an iPhone 5 optimized app on iPad. 
The consumers can be divided into two quantum states. The Android buyers are those not willing to pay a premium price for Apple products. ( The premium price is whatever price Apple charges.) Since they know they are buying a cheap product they will not complain short comings as long as the device suit whatever needs they wanted. The media know these quantum states. Therefore they always praise a new Android product or Windows version as more reliable, more smoother,...
Samsung has been making mobile phones much earlier than when iPhone came out in 2007 without much success like the iPhone. 
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