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Apple missed a good opportunity to kill Samsung and numerous low end tablets makers by making the base model $32GB.  If the low end makers try to match they will lose money. 
I disagree.  It should be a right of every patent holder to sue without being punished. 
So Apple iPad Air won this year without showing means MWC admiting they made a bad decision last year?  A friend asks me yesterday is there a Chinese handwriting recognition software for the Nexus 7 he bought.  I told him there should be one.  The difference between Androids and iOS is Apple configured all necessary things for the user.  The so-called openness of Android OS requires the users to look for what they need and install them by themselves. 
I don't think Jobs really cared 0 and 1.
This is a thorough copying of iPhone 5S new features and more. 
I think many posters have a wrong understanding of Chinese courts. I have read many news. It seems the Chinese courts are actually fairer than DOJ.
There is another reason why news media favors Samsung. The US does not want South Korea to look bad. I think all US media clearly understand this important principle.
I think it is Steve Jobs that saw a lot of PC users really don't need a bloated PC that can run everything and very powerful.  Google follows Apple closely.  They understand where Jobs is leading Apple to. So Google develop an OS that mostly just run a browser. 
This article is not very informative.  What is the Google PC share?
I tried it.  It works.  You are an expert.  I heard that one can do FaceTime with multiple person.  Is this true? 
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