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Will this episode be how Jobs established Apple legacy being dismantled through US legal system?
Does Apple own a patent of placing fingerprint sensor with the home button?
I see nothing wrong with jail breaking.  The user has to install it by themselves.  Doing that will void Apple warranty.  I see jail breaking will increase innovation as well as helping Apple sell products.  
You could not think of a few positive reasons?  You are really dumb. 
Can you explain this to me?  Book prices varied from one to the other.  How do Apple and publishers collude together and agree on a artificially set price?  Do you or DOJ mean every book on iBook store is sold at one price? 
After discussing, I have a guess.  May be Pegatron allowing people over 20 to work for more hours.  And this is the reason the 15 year old faked the ID?
You are contradicting yourself.  Initially you try to lay the responsibility on Apple.  Now you admit Apple does have a code of conduct.  Are you still insisting its Apple responsibility to check ID validity of every Chinese worker? 
Again you are ignorant about Apple.  Apple wants the plant to obey local laws.  Please show me Apple document that forbid 15 year old worker.I don't know the exact rule in China factory.  But what you said in US is not true now.  The US factory use punch cards.  If the worker has rule exactly as the supervisors demand, then punch cards are mostly useless.  Again I don't thing you are a US worker or ever worked in a US factory. 
To an American the pay may seem like slavery.  To a 15 year old working in a high tech plant, it is different. 
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