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Google contradicts itself.  On one side it says Apple never invented anything.  Then it turns around saying Apple created "fundamental technology".  This is very childish.  
There is no question that Samsung copied Apple.  The question is does that really hurt Apple sales.  I think this is the rule the appeals court used for the trade dress IP issue.  
Did Samsung copy every item of the trade dress IP?  If some item Samsun did not copy then strictly Samsun did not violate Apple rights.  Because the consumer can see/feel the product is not an Apple product.  OTOH, if Samsung completely copied every item in one product, then it is a violation.
AI is inaccurate saying Apple Maps is unpopular.  AI forgot Google Maps is being used by both platforms while Apple Maps is used by iOS alone.  Google Maps has 46% share while Androids share is higher than iOS.  This means among iOS users Apple Maps is slightly ahead of Google Maps.  So how could AI say Apple Maps is unpopular?
I believe Strategy Analytics has the actual shipped numbers.  They won't release the number for specific models.  I think you might be able to get it by paying them. For the real sales number for S5, there are many news about them.  I think you can find out by searching for news.  
WSJ posted a news Apple Gains on Samsung in Smartphone Shipments.   But the author still erred saying "Meanwhile, Apple’s SHIPMENT (capitalization is mine) volumes surged 40% to 61.2 million smartphones."
Galaxy S6 is Samsung flagship  smartphone. Samsung probably shipped based on how many it sold S5 in second quarter last year.  
A better number to look at is the reported earnings.  Samsung reported first quarter earnings two days after Apple.  It is down from last year. The first quarter earnings is a reflection of real sales.  
Samsung started selling S6 in early April.  The first quarter shipments definitely include large number of S6s and S6 Edges.  
Don't be fooled by this incapable DA.  He is trying to link terrorism with the iPhone.  His arguments are full of flaws.  If he has court approval why can't he search other things of the suspect?  If this is a terrorism, is he assuming an iPhone can do great harm to people?  Any sane people will know iPhone can not do great harm to people.  So the suspect must use something else.  This something else is for the DA to find out.   I think I have given this DA too many...
New Posts  All Forums: