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But the chance for accidental breakage is low.  
The AC+ is an overcharge.  All new electronics devices are covered by a one year warranty on parts.  
The Apple plan is still much better.  You get the phone unlock from the beginning.
One question and one comment. About Live Photos, does the video look better with 6S Plus than 6S if the target is moving?   It is better if the video starts three seconds before the photo is taken than the photo is mid point between the video.     In most real situations, you press the button when you see an interesting motion or sound.  You can not predict the motion and sound 1.5 seconds after is interesting.     I think Apple engineers played a gimmick here.  The...
China learned this from VW.
Who are you talking to?  Over 80% of smartphone users use Android phones.  They don't care where to download.  
May be some one hacked into Apple database? Maybe an insider stole the source code?  
Is Xcode open source? This is a big question.  If so, this is an Apple failure  If not, this is a criminal case.  
Looks Live Photo will have a disruptive effect on Windows and Androids worlds.  It will either force them to upgrade software to support it.  Or it will coerce their users to switch to Apple devices. 
Apple said in its Live Photo page that "And you can view Live Photos on your other Apple devices, too."  I view the example on a MacBook Pro, I can hear any sound. Neither I can hear the sound with an iPad Air. 
New Posts  All Forums: