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This guy does not use an iPhone.  Otherwise he should already know that iOS will always ask the user to permit an app to use the mic and/or the camera.  
One thing about photo taking I have wished for years.  I wish with each photo an audio can be recorded and played back.  Live Photo is exactly the feature I ordered many years ago.
Apple buying Beats shows its weakness.  What is the value of Beats that worth $3 billion?  Probably not Ian since he already left.  
The German judges don't know computer.  A computer is a very complicated logical device.  It can do many many things.  Each thing may not be so important.  Together they make a person's life easier.  If anything does not work, the user's life becomes miserable.  For the iPhone, the swipe to unlock may not be essential to meet high standards.  There may be alternatives like the Androids phones are using.  But remember from the high standard of making a user's life easier,...
I like to ask the judges a dialectic question.  If the iPhone does not meet high enough standards, why the consumers are willing to pay a high premium for iPhone?  If the judges care to look around, most of the iPhone features have been copied by an army of cloners.  So what are the unique features that the consumers are paying for? 
Apple said the affected units fall into a limited serial number range and were sold primarily between September 2014 and January 2015.  iPhone 6S started selling in September 2014.  Your iPhone 6S qualifies for replacement only it is sold during this period.  It is likely Apple did not fully test iPhone 6S before it is on sale.  Subsequently, the problem is noticed and the supplier made a fix.  So it is systematic of Apple.  
Do you know how computer works?  A logic board is very complicated.  It is more complicated than a camera module.  
It is not a small 0.1% problem.  Otherwise Apple would not announce a replacement program.  It is a systemic failure because Apple has tracked a SN that could cause this problem.  Something went wrong.
iPhone camera does not have this problem is previous generations.  My statement that Apple quality is getting worse is based on this simple fact.  
Apple quality is getting worse. 
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