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Why are they complaining so much? The Android platform is greater than iOS. They could use the Android apps for bitcoin transactions. Bitcoins have been banned in several nations as not a currency. May be Apple is trying to avoid troubles?
OK  This provision is wrong.  But the agency model is not. 
I have doubt in the preciseness of your two statements. 
Are you out of your mind?  You forget what the issue is.  Apple did not set the price.  Apple let the publishers set the price. 
Price matching?  How convenient for you to insert a new accusation!
Why Amazon can not compete on price if it is selling at the same price? It seems Amazon simply can not compete.  It is not the pricing. 
This is what I said the publishers can not simply cancel the deals.  They have to renegotiate.  Apple did nothing wrong.  The DOJ and judge Cote erred.  Apple should appeal all the way to the Supreme Court if needed. 
No.  He is lying.  The publishers can cancel deals but they have to renegotiate deals. You can not refuse to sell to any legal retailer. 
You are lying.  Are you a juvenile?  You don't know what is legal what is illegal.  It is illgal for publishers to cancel deals with Amazon.  And you are thinking this is legal.  And I don't think you understand what is wholesale.
New Posts  All Forums: