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On a regular receipt there is a bar code for the purchase.  The retailer use it for refund/exchange.
I have a question on Apple Pay.  Since the Apple Pay article was too old, I will post it here.  Do you get a receipt?  Could you return/exchange items?
Apple really need to upgrade iOS so it can support bluetooth mouse. Without a mouse the keyboard is only marginally useful.
Your observation of collectivism is correct.  Your reason of philosophy is superficial. The real reason is the difference between Asians and Europeans.  The Chinese is a weak race due to smaller statue.  In the beginning of Chinese civilization, the land is sparsely populated.  There are far more wild animals than human beings.  Many Chinese are simply too small to fight with tigers and wolves.  So they live together and follow a few leaders that are above normal sizes....
What is your answer then? 
I think you want a criticism that the Chinese government does not fully admit.  I can not think of any right out of my mind. I am in US.  Because of internet location should not be an issue except in several countries.  China does censor a lot of information.  This is annoying if I go to China.  But I can understand why it does so.  China is under a lot of criticism because of the one party system.  But Chinese government goal at present is growing GDP.  China although the...
What is the more compass in US? 
I said you are immature because you still think people can be completely believable.  Have you asked your girl friend whether she loves you? lolI answered in the other post.I am not located within China.  Are you? 
You and several other AI posters are still immature.  Every one lied some time in his life.  When you say believing the Chinese government you are asking too much.  Because can I say do you believe the US government?  So why do you put such high standard on a government you don't like?  This is not fair. I don't think the Chinese government are the perfect government.  It has many problems.  But my belief is the criticisms should be based on facts/truths.  And the...
New Posts  All Forums: