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Why does Androids have to use the same word Pay?  Are they so brain dead people that they can not think of a different word?  According to Carly Fiorina only Chinese are not creative. 
Are all the posters losing their sense of numbers?  $28K is not a lot of money.  It is not even enough to buy a new BMW.
What is wrong with pressing Home button to wake the iOS device temporarily?  
Thanks for showing me another Apple innovation Samsung/Google just blatantly copied over.  I am reading that Android Fan defense is Apple bought it from outside.  They forgot that Apple's innovation is integrating it onto the home button and invented a way to register it.  All these things the Android world just try to blatantly copy over without giving a read credit to Apple.  Fortunately, Apple has learned from its experiences with PC manufacturers.  I believe Apple has...
Is AppleInsider staff ignorant or dishonest to AI readers?  Motorola had made one smartphone with fingerprint sensor on its back on an Android phone.  So it is obvious Motorola did not see their fingerprint sensor is not good.  In fact, the fingerprint sensor on Samsung GS5 and GS6 uses the same method as the Motorola one.  I think AI Staff avoid to characterize Motorola or other Android manufacturers as inferior.  
I think the real issue is Ericsson wants to charge Apple at a much higher rate than it collects from other makers.  
Erissson lawsuit is completely different.  Apple is willing to pay license fees.  So there is no patent violation here. 
I said Google built the Apple patents into the Android OS.  I did not find Google say it did.  So not able to find what Google said explicitly is immaterial.  Google had some collaborator put an android pissing on Apple.  What did Google say about it?
What did Google say in this Apple vs Samsung trial?  Google is the real evil behind all this battle.  All these patent violations validated by the court were built into the Android OS not added by Samsung.
Most people are tech idiots.  They only care if they can use any device conveniently.  That is, very little difference between device A or B.  But this is the essence of patents.  The patents forbid companies to make devices working exactly the same.
New Posts  All Forums: