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I think you don't truly understand Chinese history.  China is not great today is not the fault of CCP.  China became so poor as a result industrial revolution.  The western world became more and more productive.  Chinese don't understand why.  They don't try to learn science from the west.  Because they don't know it is science that makes the west great.  Their business gradually losing to the west.  Then China lost in the Opium War.  Then the intellectuals began arguing...
There are so many anti-Chinese government groups and people.  I am not surprised Chinese law enforcement try to harvest their usernames and passwords.  Just ask FBI director what it will do to Americans.  
I think there are far more people that 16GB is enough.  So if you give them 32 it is a waste too.
iPhone  6 with 7.1mm thin has a protruding camera.  iPad Air 2 is only 6.1mm thin.
Does Nexus 6 have a kill switch as required by law?
 Because it is made in USA by Moto? 
Is it true that the 32-bit Android Lollipop can not handle 64GB memory operations efficiently?
Since Nokia is gone, what kind of phone is he using?  I bet it is an Android.  Therefore he can not say Google destroyed Finland economy.  He will be a traitor.  LOL
The new iPads memory will probably configured like iPhone 6s, 16GB, 64GB, 128GB.  I have advocated this more than a year ago.  Still, I feel that Apple has treated the iPads as a second c;ass citizen compared to iPhone.  One important hardware component Apple has never cared to add to the wifi iPads is the GPS chip.  This makes me think the iPad design team or even the higher execs are either ignorant or shortsighted on hardware specs.  They seem don't understand the two...
The OS version is 10.9.5.  I like to know how this adware got installed?  Thanks. 
New Posts  All Forums: