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Then your argument of the Mac is not related to what I talk. 
This is nonsense.  You think Apple should wait developer apps before releasing the original Mac to the public.  How is this possible?  The hardware and developer apps are chicken and egg thing.  The developer will create an app if he feels he can make money out of it.  
I really miss Jobs.  Under him Apple developed fully functional iPod, iPhone, and iPad in house.  Google and Sony can not release a fully functional device without developers' helps.  Even so Google still failed.  Apple under Cook can not release a fully functional Apple Watch in time and it costs so much that only rich people who have money to waste.  
China bought $16B worth of iPhones last quarter.  Investors bought $16B worth of Apple stocks today.
China has four times US population.  The revenue for Americas is about double that of Greater China.  So the percentage of Chinese that bought iPhone is still just one eighth of that in Americas.  This shows Chinese are still very poor compared to Americans.  
I do not understand. I read that in 2011 Motorola Atrix4G was using Authentech fingerprint sensor. How Apple was able to buy Authentech in 2012 without Motorola knowing it or objecting? Doesn.t Authentech need to continue supply sensors to Motorola?
Do they have Android source code already? 
WWII was won has nothing to do with cracking of Enigma machine.  
US Congress passes Act due to sentiment with no reasoning? No wonder Congress is least trusted by the Americans.  
Your history is excellent?  Why does the US Congress pass the Chinese Exclusion Act? 
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