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+1 Gumbi, I was a young (Unix) system & network admin back in 2000, and as I distinctively recall, the original response to Sun's Java was a product called blackbird.   Blackbird failed miserably and faded away into the mist. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microsoft_Blackbird Although to go and read the wikipedia page on blackbird, I would not come away with that opinion.
+1 Post like his are prime validation for "thumbs down", along with "thumbs up".
 You are an example of your own post. Unless you are talking about the open source port of OS/2, the operating system in question was replaced years ago by EComStation. http://www.ecomstation.com/
 Thanks for this post.  I'm sure that there are people happy with the GUI modifications.   And there is no doubt that developers took note of all the new API's.   But as a sysadmin, I really would have like to have heard if they did anything to the actual operating system itself. And good call on the new file system.   I would like to see Apple pick up where they left off with 10.5 and complete the ZFS integration.   I do realize that ZFS is available to OS X via both...
I am curious if anyone has found a good (download) link for Red Star OS, or even a torrent link.   All the time I have spent on search engines only leads me to the old version 2 with the ms windows like interface, not the version 3, as shown in this article.
 Grapevine Mills mall
"Other than its extensive add-on ecosystem, there is little reason for most users to choose Thunderbird over Apple Mail."   I was a little put off by this comment.  It makes Thunderbird sound like an old horse ready for the glue factory.   If you are just a casual email user, none of this article is probably relevant to you.  OTOH, if you spend more time in email than you care to admit, Thunderbird is an awesome choice.   the comment concerning "its extensive add-on...
 And to me, that's the difference.  For all practical purposes, the surface is esentially a mini laptop with a touch screen. But I understand exactly what you are saying regarding the iPad +bluetooth keyboard. Honestly, I would much rather have a bluetooth->USB adapter where I could plug in my own keyboard of choice.
I'm afraid that I would agree with the original poster.  We have a large circular mall here north of Dallas.  Not as visually appealing as the new Apple building.  Its a pain in the a** to walk.  There are a couple of places where you can cut across to the other side. But to get to the point, the circular design isn't anything new, and there are core design reasons why everyone hasn't copying it. Still, its an awesome looking building that Apple is creating.
  Don't anyone fool yourselves here.  It peaked at win 95.  Even Bill G. said so.  
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