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  I have it.   settings->general->about->advertising   I figured it would be under privacy, or web settings.
from the image in the original post, where is the "Advertising -> Limit Ad tracking" setting located?   Its not obvious to me where this setting is.   Thank you
    Completely off topic, but I worked for a division of Sprint during the dotcom boom.  Sprint enterprise network services to be specific.  And we had a "Director of Fun"
  I think its awesome that monkey boy continues to entertain us as his ship slowly sinks.
M$ was early to the party.  That is typically the only way they can get their foot into the door.   Look at tablets, m$ had been trying to push them on to the general public, on and off, for 20 years.   m$ didn't have the lead with phones that they did with tablets, but they are masters of the missed opportunity.    
When have you ever known them to do otherwise? ms has begged, borrowed or stolen pretty much everything from the get go. Starting with DOS. You can argue the BASIC compiler, but that already existed on other platforms, it was just a rewrite for their (ms) platform.
How many Solaris (Unix) admin's or Cisco (network) admin's do you think are available in a town of 3400 for data center employment. Code maintainers can be anywhere, where they can access the data center remotely.
Wasn't 10.4.10 and 10.4.11 released after Leopard (10.5) was released?
I agree with your comment that iWeb will, and probably already has "bit the dust". I am curious thought, why you feel that iWeb, or a similar product, does not fit into Apple's future?? For someone who needs to knock out a couple of quick & dirty web pages, iWeb does a great job. For (semi)professional web developers, there are any number of tools to advance to.
that would really depend on how portable the OS X/darwin code was. But with out a recompile, you are talking about emulation, not virtualization.I think that there is a perceived barrier here that doesn't exist. I am running OS X server in a VirtualBox vm on top of OpenSolaris. And on Apple hardware. EFI is not anything magic. From a high level, it is the next step in the PC bios. And why (I believe) that I am meeting Apple's EULA request, there are plenty of...
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