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When have you ever known them to do otherwise? ms has begged, borrowed or stolen pretty much everything from the get go. Starting with DOS. You can argue the BASIC compiler, but that already existed on other platforms, it was just a rewrite for their (ms) platform.
How many Solaris (Unix) admin's or Cisco (network) admin's do you think are available in a town of 3400 for data center employment. Code maintainers can be anywhere, where they can access the data center remotely.
Wasn't 10.4.10 and 10.4.11 released after Leopard (10.5) was released?
I agree with your comment that iWeb will, and probably already has "bit the dust". I am curious thought, why you feel that iWeb, or a similar product, does not fit into Apple's future?? For someone who needs to knock out a couple of quick & dirty web pages, iWeb does a great job. For (semi)professional web developers, there are any number of tools to advance to.
that would really depend on how portable the OS X/darwin code was. But with out a recompile, you are talking about emulation, not virtualization.I think that there is a perceived barrier here that doesn't exist. I am running OS X server in a VirtualBox vm on top of OpenSolaris. And on Apple hardware. EFI is not anything magic. From a high level, it is the next step in the PC bios. And why (I believe) that I am meeting Apple's EULA request, there are plenty of...
SPRINT -- Stupid People Reactively Introducing Network Troubles
THANK YOU!!! This is the sole point I have been trying to make. Given limited resources, many people can make due with what ever is at hand. But for the best efficiencies and the best end product, it is important to use the right tool for the job you need to perform.
Whether you are writing a book or creating some loooong technical documentation, its always about the content. But content is not the point of this discussion.I am sure that you could create the next "War and Peace", and type it up in vi just to make a point. Regardless of my personal preferences, and to move this discussion on to reference other technical writing professionals, I would share that I own many O'Reilly books and manuals. In referencing the Colophon at the...
lowededwookie, do you know this as a fact? I am curious where this comment originates? I haven't counted up the amount of drivers on the Snow Leopard DVD in Mb, but I don't think that hardware drivers consume a major percentage of the OS DVD. I had always been of the opinion that the grey hardware specific CD/DVD's that shipped with a new system were machine type specific in order to provided new drivers for new hardware, and to keep people from using the media from...
Just to clarify, I am not against a binary downloadable distribution, but the point you have made here is precisely why I want to make sure that I get my official OS media up front. Burned media has a significantly shorter lifetime vs pressed DVD media. If you aren't aware, there are quite a few boards and mailing list devoted to keeping older Apple equipment up and operational. Obviously, this is a minority and Apple doesn't make much money keeping older equipment...
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