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 Actually yeah, it is. I wouldn't go to the press before asking for some confirmation that I wasn't completely crazy.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zuiyo-maru_carcass Yes I know this is far from proof, but the point is, we just can't say for sure. To make an absolute statement would be ridiculous, either for or against. This world is a crazy place, and with how vast our bodies of water are... you just never know. Plenty of species have evaded us. We have to have faith in how this crazy universe works just because most of it we'll never see, we'll never fully understand, and it sure as heck...
 That is exactly where most of the "wealthy" get wealthy. I forgot where I saw it, but there was an article that showed that most of the wealthy in america gain only something I think around 20-30% of their yearly income from salary. The rest is from the stock market and other investments.  I ran across an interesting tool from WSJ that calculates your "percentage" based on your income. Now in regards to Silicon Valley, that is one of a few exceptions to average in where...
I should have clarified. I was more so talking about just annual income from pay wages. Now if we're talking net worth, I'd say drblank that those numbers are probably pretty stink'n close. But the question arises, what's the spread against the population w/ those numbers? I'd say in the USA it's clearly lopsided to Upper Lower Class and Low Middle class. And that's across all ages in the US. I know many people how are nearing or are in "retirement" age and hardly have...
 So were tablets.
Middle class america as we have known in this country for the last half decade is dead. The sooner people realize that the better. I know that and knew I had to make sure I got on the upswing to be in the new "middle class". They say the median income in america is 45-50k. I don't know a single person that makes that. I know plenty of people making 30k, I was one of them, and I know plenty of people making 70-85k. So there is the gap everyone talks about.   As far...
I think you may have hit the nail on the head as to what the legacy of Tim Cook is going to be.
I'm going on a limb to say that Apple is creating a new method of handling its finances. I'm going to say this is the side dish to the Double Irish with a Dutch sandwich that they invented. I think there's far more to this than meets the eye. It'll probably be awhile till other companies catch on to what they are REALLY doing. Free software is just a nice side effect for the customer facing side.
Chill out everyone. It's free with new iOS devices (stated in the keynote), and for those wondering about iWork for OSX compatibility, I'm certain we'll hear about that in a month during Mavericks release. I wouldn't be surprised if it's free iWork for OSX w/ every new mac. I'd pay for the new ones to get full compatibility.
When has apple every stated anything against the benefit of their profits? Of course they're going to be glowing about the 4 & 4s. Any company would be crazy not to, I mean look at MS w/ their RT tablets, they still "love" them. You should know by now that if a company says one thing is magical, they're only waiting till the next product a few months out to replace it.
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