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Why would Apple drop the newest iPhone off contract price by a $100? Pretty crazy if you ask me especially when their margins aren't as high for the top iPhone. Most people don't care about off contract, they care about seeing that special $199 price.
Oh, for sure, but it's not going to be a fire sale or anything like you may think. It'll just be a quiet, yes we still have 2 weeks inventory. My thoughts are they they have channels to unload this stuff whether it be government, education or posed as "refurbished".
At first I was hesitant like most of you to this idea, but we have to remember Apple is the best at keeping a slim pipeline. More than likely what will happens is iPhone 5S @ $199 (same price points as 5) iPhone "lite" 8GB @ $0 (w/ 2 year contract) iPhone "lite" 16GB @ $99 (w/ 2 year contract)   How these will be differentiated is that the "lite" will be using all of iPhone 5's internals. So they'll use up what they they have "left over" in huge batches without...
Call it like it is. This guys a f'n idiot. "Low cost iPad mini". A new supply chain for a low cost iPad mini? What in apples history have we ever seen it like he's described. Low cost is old model. I only see iPhone ever possibly getting that treatment.
Comparing Apple's RD budget to others is very wrong. Heck, comparing amongst companies is very VERY skewed. How many markets are these companies in? How many products do these companies have? I mean heck, Samsung makes SHIPS. Again, products and markets of companies need to be factored in. I have no idea what MS is spending 9B on.
They could care less about YOU the shareholder. They are only appeasing you till they can by that stock you hold. Apple is a different beast. They are in it for the company longevity, you are in it for the money. You'd suck the company dry then move on. So glad apple is doing buy back. Here's the problem with shareholders, they don't care about the company other than return. If it fails, they'd move on to make the next one fail too. Anybody see the problem here? The...
Kass is a DICK and a stock manipulator. He tweeted the split, but then went on to make millions off of HIS rumor and then said... "Why would anybody believe that?" IE Why would anyone believe me?. Complete prick. Don't believe a damn thing this douche says.
Am I the only one that sees FB reinventing the wheel? Why do I need chat in FB? I've got SMS & iMessage. All "free" anyways. I've noticed that I get SMS/iMessage replies way more quickly then messages I send to ppl on FB. They're reinventing the wheel and trying to force it upon ppl to show why you need it "because everyone is on it"... self fulfilling prophecy. No thanks. I just keep checking FB less and less
They do not pay $600 per phone. That is retail cost, not wholesale. Even TMobile is making some profit off the $575 iPhone 5
  I think you meant "To them the 20 month thing means they lost $60 of pure profit per person. And of course they want that money".
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