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I'm surprised to the few idiots here stating 2 year contracts are just fine... shouldn't be surprised though. I ask why? Why is a 2 year contract good? Being locked in? Paying same price regardless of device being "paid off". No wonder telco's get away with robbery, there's idiots like these hanging around. Yeah, this isn't a nice post but sometimes people need to be called out so they get their head out of their ass and actually pay attention to what's going on.
Oh right, like that's not going to cause any confusion. "It's the same size and shape as the iPad, but it's not. It just looks a heck of a lot like one." So... why not just use the iPad via an app? To me that's one huge hole in this guys "plans". Not saying Apple couldn't, but I'd pretty much bet the farm that they wouldn't. Why not just sell the idea of what the iPad paired w/ the "iTV" can do? Pretty much anyone getting an "iTV" is going to have an iPad anyways.
  Edge is considered 2.75G. Wikipedia although not always 100% truth, you can at least get this gist of it.
    Yeah Pedro, maybe next time, you may want to learn how large the USA really is, to get an idea look here. http://goeurope.about.com/od/europeanmaps/l/bl-country-size-comparison-map.htm Secondly, your little country is only 35,672.4 square miles compared to ONE of our states that you may have heard of... Texas which is 269,000 square miles which is roughly 7.5x larger than your country. So when each one of these Telecoms has to cover over 3 times the size of western...
    Solip, they said they're are only claiming LTE coverage in a city if the WHOLE city is covered so there isn't any false advertisement unlike other carriers. So when they say it, they mean it. And as TBell has pointed out, the HSPA+ is all over the place with pretty stink'n fast speed.
Well yeah, you bought a phone. You have to remember, most things you know about how cell contracts work are being thrown out. YOU bought the phone full price. TMo lent you the money at 0% and all they're asking for is to pay it off over 24 months (more than likely $10-20) extra depending on price. When you want to leave they say, "Hey Ghost, thanks for being with us and sad to see you go, but remember the money we spotted you to buy the full priced phone?? Since we won't...
Nope, you'd just be billed for remainder of the 0% "loan" for the phone. No ETF. This was stated last fall with the announcement.   Edit: As to the first part, they said today that for the most expensive phones would be $20 a month, if you head to their site now you can see that most phones are like $12-$18 a month... depending on cost of phone. So it could look like for the 3 models $14,$17,$20.
I was on Straight Talk but I personally had numerous issues. Again, milage may vary but I'm on Tmobile month 4g now and couldn't be happier. Other nice thing is that T-Mobile will soon have "official" iphone support, mean visual voicemail and facetime over data unlike straight talk.
  You're analogy is severely flawed. No one is using the "factory" but the patents are giving that factory owner the rights to produce those widgets in the town (USA). So no one else can make the widgets in that town regardless. So if I truly make something revolutionary and I know it's a death pool of patents that would kill my idea and possibly end up stealing it (I put the hard work into making an ACTUAL product... software patents can die), now I have to base my...
oh gosh, I'm on APPLEinsider... I thought I was samgsider.com. Only thing that made me realize i was here was the AI logo in top left.
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