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Third party apps don't have access to the Nitro javascript engine right? Which gives HTML5 apps not used in the browser a distinct disability.
    Umm, so I should just throw perfectly working computers in the trash as soon as I buy a new mac?  What a waste!  I'm not asking the world, just the same support that Vista hardware that is even older than my core duo macs has.
Yes, dear users... please help us lock up even more of your data in our proprietary cloud.... It's kind of depressing that Vista has support for iCloud but Snow Leopard doesn't. I just want to have photostream/picture folder support and my contacts on my core duo macs! Is it that hard to ask?
Great, so now we are going to have a pile of dumb reviews hailing iPad photography as "the next big thing" and "why didn't Apple do this before".
Ability to buy the new cheap plastic movie souvenir 1 - Ability to read a new email while driving in limited network availability 0
Call me crazy but when I look at the screen on the iPad 2 my eyes aren't exactly hurting from the pixels. I'd almost rather have OLED over retina to get better blacks but I guess OLED has other problems.
If Apple had included a nice little brochure of all the cool macs they made with every iPod they sold from 2003 onwards (just like lego does) they would have hit these numbers a long time ago.
Head to daring fireball if you want Apple's out-of-hours PR department. AI remains incredibly objective in comparison to other Apple focused sites.
They definitely both like talking walks.
So, it loses the symmetry of using square panes of glass to make the cube but still has seams? Doesn't seem so great to me Plus the Apple Logo is still backwards when you look from the other side, they should have spent more time trying to fix that.
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