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Yep, in Australia the iPhone 4 is free on a US$48 data/calls/sms 24 month contract. The iPhone 5 will likely be free as well on plans US$48 and above. The US is getting seriously ripped off only having the iPhone on two carriers.
But the question is, why did they release it at all? Or at least, why did they release it without a beta like Mac OS X or a free trial? If it was supposedly a "complete product" why brand it as "Final Cut Pro" rather than "Final Cut Express". Why take FCS off the shelves for 2 months? They didn't take Mac OS 9 away the day Mac OSX 10.0 was released and Steve Jobs bragged for years that it was the most successful product transition in history until the PPC / Intel...
True, you can usually distinguish the irrational complaints against FCPX when this is their number one pet peeve.
That probably won't and shouldn't happen. If you have legacy projects, it means you should own a legacy copy of FCP7 to open and edit them with. If you are that desperate to continue a project in FCPX, the new XML import/export features will help with that transition to the extent that is necessary.
Wow, good call, couldn't have said it better myself. Call me crazy but they could have released a beta or the free trial at launch and got this kind of feedback before forcing customers to pay $300.
It can only mean one thing! Tim Cook is cancelling every single Apple product! They will go into enterprise software solutions!
Yeah I know a couple of professional colour graders who have pitched themselves as Color specialists [and used it since it was FinalTouch ] who are pretty bummed that Color seems to have just been dumped. I think Apple has to come back next NAB with a pretty clear product roadmap, beyond what an FAQ on their website conveys.
How does that matter? This is what I said:The Apple Newton was revolutionary at the time but Apple poorly communicated the direction it was taking the product and it died on the back of the reputation of its v1.0 product even though later revisions were far superior. I for one love the new FCPX interface and I'm angry that this product may die because Apple totally stuffed up it's launch. It's getting terrible reviews and according to this article it is possibly flushing...
I agree... and what consumer video maker ever aspires to be just a consumer? Very few... and those that do will be satisfied by iMovie. Every consumer that aspires to be a Pro one day will be recommended Premiere or Avid over FCPX now. Every film school is going to stop teaching FCP because it's now being considered a dead end for students who one day want a place in the industry. There is some real genius in FCPX but it has been poorly branded, poorly marketed and Apple...
Will you be able to search the magazines you have downloaded or have purchased? These magazines seem like pretty poor resources if they aren't indexed which is disappointing if supposedly the best journalistic content will be locked up in these walled gardens. It feels like we'll be going back in time to using microfilm. I wish Apple would give these magazines in the News-stand app access to the spotlight APIs.
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