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It's people like this that drive me crazy.
Nope, I said the top of the range canon point and shoot is 10mp. The G12 is 10mp, you may be deluded and feel that the sx210 is better, but that's your opinion, not fact. Ask any canon rep, G12 is the top of the range. Pixel density is more important than megapixels.
The G12 does not have an interchangeable lens, it is a point and shoot. I am not incorrect. This is not subjective. The G12 has a much better sensor than the SX210.
Yeah because Canon's g12 top of the range point and shoot is $200 more expensive than the sx210 but you think its better because of more megapixels? Get real.
Canon Powershot G12, 10mega-pixel: http://usa.canon.com/cusa/consumer/p.../powershot_g12
I'll eat my sandwich if an 8 megapixel camera on a slimmer iPhone is better than a 5 megapixel camera. The top of the range canon point and shoot is only 10 megapixels. All 8 megapixel photos do is make the file size bigger making them take longer to upload to cloud via photostream, draining more battery. They will likely have poorer, or at least not better low light performance. Please stick with 5 megapixels and concentrate on a better Lens.
Have any of you guys used AirVideo for iOS? It users a small server app that runs on your computer that transcodes your videos and streams them to your iOS devices via the HTTP streaming protocol that Apple uses. It is a great app and I love watching videos on my iPad but now they have made AirVideo compatible with Airplay and the Apple TV. So you can send videos via HTTP streaming to your big screen tv and use your iPad as a remote. HTTP streaming also keeps a lower...
Well, you're correct, but that's not really my point. Why isn't Steve making this book iBookstore exclusive for a while? That would be kind of interesting, they would get plenty of feedback on the performance of the iBooks app.
Will it be exclusive to the iBookstore at first? That would be one final last boost he gives his company.
Aah, does anyone remember the days of Mac OS 9 where you could set a voice password to log into your computer? It didn't always recognise you that well...
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