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I will support Adobe's HTML5 initiatives as long as they are putting tools for building REAL websites first and not Flash websites. Adobe doesn't have anything to lose by depreciating Flash as a website development platform, but the internet does. People will still buy Adobe apps to create great HTML5 websites as long as Adobe provides tools that are as good as their Flash dev tools.
Very true! And I will gladly support any company that is trying to rid the internet of Flash and encourages the development of HTML5 alternatives. The internet is a place for open standards that can used by everyone. Even If I did have an Android device, I shouldn't have to wait for Adobe to make a stable version of Flash Player to visit a website! I should just be able to open a browser!
Didn't Appleinsider or one of the rumor sites once report that Steve Jobs paid for the cube with his own money? Maybe he is having the original cube prepared as his Tomb? He did look really frail at WWDC and the Cupertino council meeting. Not to mention the tone of those two meetings seem to be setting up his legacy. #conspiracy UPDATE: This is the article I was referring to:...
I swear this guy is Lloyd from Entourage.
I still think web-apps are a good way to go for news sites and should be developed first so all tablets can access them before making specific OS clients. I wish apple would start updating their web app database again and add one to the default iOS but I guess that's never going to happen.
Unlikely to happen with that many pixels on such a small sensor. I guess they could make the sensor bigger but it seems they couldn't even fit the iPhone 4 camera into the iPod touch or the iPad 2 as it stands. My CMOS DSLR that is a few years old has 8-megapixels, and a sensor that is probably 20 times the size!
I would shocked if they could have a 8mp camera that has the same pixel density or better than the current iPhone. I think the camera is going to be worse and the files will be bigger so it will be slower to sync to cloud. This could be a bad move Apple.
Woah, guys, this isn't meant to be competing against iPads. It's barely competing against Netbooks. The two Chromebooks being released both have full sized keyboards like the Macbook Air. This is competing against all the crappy XP computers out there that are being given out by businesses or schools which people use almost entirely just for the web browser. Have you ever worked in a call centre or been a sales rep? 9 times out of 10 you are working with web based...
I hope not, 8mp would be terrible on a phone camera! Please increase the sensor size before increasing mega-pixels!
In Australia Apple has an iApp called iTunes Live: Aria Awards that showcases a number of performances leading up to the Australian music awards. You can see it here.
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