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yawwwwwwnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn......   two boring companies that make me yawn except for Marissa's face!
I hope they fix it, as I turn autocorrect off.  A must fix!
  MATE STOP LIVING IN THE 90s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I live in Australia how is appleTV outside of USA poor? I have watched the whole series of Stargate Atlantis thru Apple TV and use it to stream AFL footy from my Mac and listen to music and countless other things.   I own a Linux NAS, QNAP TS 212 that cost little and uses LInux on an ARM chip, and have had no problems using it with my IOS devices.  File Explorer is a great program that enables me to transfer, delete or do...
This is all been answered previously but to wrap up for those of you trapped in the OLD SKOOL way of thinking--   I own a HDMI dongle but have used it once, I use airplay for all the movies I want to watch My 1GB NAS that also has 2 500GB USB drives connected to, is used for my storage to listen to my 750G music collection, or watch movies thru Apple TV, ipod touch etc. WIFI AC is out soon so will be even faster in the near future. Most new projectors have HDMI, you...
You really dont need the dongles, that is why the new MacBook pro has thunderbolt dongles for gigabit and FW800, they are Legacy Old skool devices.
That is DEF real taken from The Verge Live Blog of the event!
  ipad does have HDMI if you get the dongle, but how often to you want to show movies at a friends, isnt a dvd or USB fine for that if they dont have Apple TV.   Do you mean memory or storage, my NAS has 1GB and works great with the ipad, can play my 750GB of music or movies.   ipad is the old format LOL, 16:9 is useless on a tablet device, it is only suitable for HDTV's!
Camera Connection Kit.   http://store.apple.com/au/product/MC531ZM/A   You can also connect AUDIO DACS and headphone amps that have USB, but I prefer my Sennhiser PX210BT headphones as they sound amazing over bluetooth and I dont want to have cables.
The Microsoft Surface Keynote is available on youtube.   http://www.theverge.com/2012/6/19/3096420/microsoft-surface-event-video-live   Notice at the 14:14 minute mark, the Microsoft Surface Crashes and Steve Sinofsky has to grab another one. We are all too familiar with frequent BSOD's and the famous and legendary performance of Micro-Crash Windows.  My Windows 8 Acer laptop has BSOD'd 4 times since I installed WIN8 CP over the past two weeks.  My mac never...
Microsoft simply copying and imitating Apple poorly is not progress.  There is no need for HDMI when you can use Airplay. $100 for an Apple TV is not much more than HDMI cables. USB ports also become irrelevant, if for example you have a NAS connected to your router.  Why have cables and dongles connected to your device that simply get in the way and are unnecessary and ugly? You don't need external memory the supplied ram is fine! Long life is not required because you...
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