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  Install XBMC on Apple TV.  Play movies from your NAS (I use a NAS rather than my Mac or PC to save energy costs) directly to your Apple TV, no need for transcoding as XBMC will play most formats including ISO's and VOBs. No need to go thru the iPad as it will go directly to the Apple TV.
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Extremely lame & embarrassing.  Instead of resorting to cheap marketing stunts, RIM should spend money on R&D and come up with a product that people want.
Agreed. Google's strategy as an ugly cheap imitation simply makes it dysfunctional.
I really feel sorry for those poor 12 million suckers that have bought Google crapware (most are probably in shops). As I have said before I wish there was an alternative to Apple like Atari or Palm. Google make ugly, cheap, dysfunctional poor imitations and the Chromebook er crapbook is a disgrace to the laptop market. I am not sure why a fandroid would be on an apple-site, so why aren't you on a google-crapsoft website reading about specs and how many cores a tegra has?
I wanted a Macbook Air but was way to expensive. If someone would trade of course I would! One thing is for sure I would no way use any google-crap product. That is for sure. Their products suck dog balls, I think I would rather use a Commodore 64 than a Chromebook!
I own an Acer 522 and Mac Mini 2011 plus iphone, ipod nano, ipodshuffle and Apple TV. Am very happy with my Acer 522.
Please look at my previous quote in regards to the Acer 522. i am sure you couldnt do the stuff I do with the crapbook er cromebook. The cromebook is a disgrace!
I am very happy with my $350 Acer 522 netbook with the AMD APU. Yes it isn't very popular but I like it. I had to upgrade the ram FROM 1 GIG TO 4 GIG and was lucky to be able to get a free copy of Win 7 Pro as Win 7 starter is pathetic. I also put in a spare 750gig hard drive I had lying around which was fortunate, as I have 400 gigs of music. I enjoy blurays on the device when required and i also hook up my Roland Quad Capture. Having said that I will be getting an...
New Posts  All Forums: