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I am not an Apple Fanboi. My first computer was an Atari 800 and that kicked ass all over the Apple II. I used Palm's all the way up to the Palm TX when nobody was using them and unfortunately that company had serious management issues, which produced really crappy products in the end. I have enjoyed Sega Megadrives, sony Playstations etc. My point is Google make very boring mediocre products and I wish there were better alternatives to Apple. Could Atari make a...
Can anyone tell me what has happened to the Chromebook?
I've never seen an Amazon Kindle Fire in Australia yet!
Yep Macbook Air and get a watch phone with a bluetooth headset like the Sennheiser MM450 if you are worried about carrying too much!
I thought about buying the ipad 2 3 months ago, but knowing that Apple upgrades every year, I put it off and am glad I have. Can't wait to get the new IPAD!
[QUOTE=Relic;2069172]LOL hardcore progammer on an ASUS slider. I like ASUS products, my monitor is an ASUS pa246 hooked up to my MAC, but I not going to fork out $$$$ on a consumption device to do some programming. Get a laptop for the same $$$ and stop trolling on this site!
[QUOTE=Relic;2069172]Maybe IOS 6 or 7 might merge with OS X, who knows! but atm this is not the case!
[QUOTE=Relic;2069158]Powerhouse users & hardcore gamers (which are the minority) will not be satisfied with the new ipad if they are trying to use it as a Macbook Pro. But if you understand the limitations and use it for its intended purpose, then you will be more than happy. I am not going to hook my Roland Quadcapture and AKG C550 mic to it, cos I know you can't, and Apple never said you could. So I use my cheap-ass AMD APU netbook for that, but my netbook is nowhere...
[QUOTE=Relic;2069158]Not going to try the Asus padphone (not because it is a fringe device going nowhere), but because for the same $$$ I would rather use a laptop, so I can use stuff such as the Roland Quadcapture. If I am going to use a consumption device the only answer is the ipad as the long q's prove!
Yeah these are all fringe devices going nowhere, not sure why they are being trolled on this Apple site!
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