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I used to use a keyboard dock the Palm TX about 5 years agos. Those docks don't last long, they are always cheaply made.
Just use a laptop mate! I use a USB roland QUAD capture and this won't work with an ipad, so I use an Acer Aspire 522 netbook with Win 7 pro, 750G Hard drive and 4 gigs of RAM. I like the ipad but I'm not going to do hardcore stuff with it.
Apple Domination. Post PC. By 2015 the only wintel devices will be Dell Servers in the enterprise and a few gaming rigs for the dwindling hardcore gamers in neverland!
Good News! I have never been a fan of Microsoft products and Microsoft Products have always felt incomplete, buggy and unreliable (CHEAP) Mcrosoft Products are like a 3 wheel car, they are always unfinished. I have felt their run in the 90s was due to the expandability of PC's, with the soundcard and videocard revolution, combined with PC's corporate compatibility. People put up with BSOD's, viruses & crashes for those reasons. My first computer the ATARI 800 never...
I guess being an analogue & LP fan I am used to having to defend!!!!! But yeah I understand about the errors you hear with the equipment but that is usually catered for when mixing on the desk. Even the 60hz hum from guitar amps have this likable familiarity!!!But yeah I understand where u are coming from with the pursuit of perfection!
But I think the error correction techniques and missing data between samples in the digital domain is more significant than the hearable artifacts of analogue! But analogue wears & tears and records usually only have a lifespan of 25 years so I understand the need for digital. Also being able to carry around 100s of albums in a pocket is amazing!
I am a little disappointed with the Announcement as I have been hoping for Apple Lossless too and ios4.2. I have all the Beatles albums (non-remastered) and they rarely get a listen out of my 340GB of music.I am a musician too so we cant make the argument as in previous threads about how they are amazing musicians (the beatles). I even have a song in itunes look it up under Andrew R, DX7 tunes (The DX7 is 14 bit)!!! I play several instruments and I can tell you that when...
New Posts  All Forums: