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Many of my co-workers are coming up to me and asking about other iPads -- i.e., Sony, Asus, etc. When I try to explain that the iPad is Apple alone, they continue on as if they never heard me. Slowly, the iPad name is becoming synonymous with Tablet.
The Air Force still forces us to use blackberry telephones for email. Something wrong here...maybe in time RIM will lose their grip on the government's communications.
Nip it in the bud, so to speak, Really "egregious" -- love it!
Perhaps that what he was thinking, but I believe it officially referred first to the iMac and it's internet capabilities.
They may try to block it using the courts...a little tit for tat...
Remaining countries should be out by the end of December.
More so than anyone else now at Apple, I really believe it will be him that will see the company forward.
Agree ... really getting tired of the headlines reading 'SOLD', when in all actuality the number that reached the end-customer is always much lower. We know when Apple states 'SOLD', it really means such.
Here's hoping all of Apple's planning pays off with everyone in the world trying to download the iOS5 updates in a few hours AT THE SAME TIME!!
Rest in Peace, Steve. You have truly changed the world and it is better for it.
New Posts  All Forums: