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Can anyone say Version 2?  Thanks to the first generation users -- any issues should be worked out by then.  Though I am still upset that they weren't available where I am living right now...
Recently heard in a super secret Samsung meeting -- "When we told you to copy the iPhone, we didn't mean everything!"
Can't believe they sold (or shipped) any at all.  I guess something is better than nothing for them...
The iBook Store has a sample to download now. I've read it, and so far there isn't anything new that hasn't already been written before. I'll certainly read the full book when it comes out -- and withhold further comment until then. It will, hopefully, offer greater insight into him.
Absolutely.  I've used windows laptops from most manufacturers, and not one of them have a trackpad even close to my MacBooks.  My windows leaning friends defend that by stating that 'most people never use trackpads -- only external mice'!  What?  Really??  I prefer the trackpad on my MacBooks rather than using a mouse!
Agree.  The 12" PowerBook was (and still is) one of my favorite form factors.  I used it for close to four years.  The size and portability were awesome.  Apple has always been at the forefront of innovation -- first to eliminate the floppy, then the CD -- everyone complained then and afterward other manufacturers followed suit.  The same will happen here -- once peripherals become widely available.  I know I'll probably order one even with the slower M processor.
The cleaner interface is definitely a godsend.  Functionality remains to be seen over the next couple of days.
That is actually one of the main reasons I've stuck with my 13" Pro.  
Sorry if I offended you.  But, I truly believe that without competition no manufacturer would go out of their way to innovate.  Yes even including Apple.  Now did Google and Samsung have to use 'similar' names?  No.  They were certainly hanging onto the coattails of Apple.  But, this too can be a good thing.  It keeps Apple pushing forward.  I prefer Apple products and believe they are superior to other brands.  But they need to keep 'pushing the envelope' to stay relevant...
Repeat this mantra:  Competition is good.  Now take a deep breath and remember that this forces innovation from everyone (including Apple).
New Posts  All Forums: