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The cleaner interface is definitely a godsend.  Functionality remains to be seen over the next couple of days.
That is actually one of the main reasons I've stuck with my 13" Pro.  
Sorry if I offended you.  But, I truly believe that without competition no manufacturer would go out of their way to innovate.  Yes even including Apple.  Now did Google and Samsung have to use 'similar' names?  No.  They were certainly hanging onto the coattails of Apple.  But, this too can be a good thing.  It keeps Apple pushing forward.  I prefer Apple products and believe they are superior to other brands.  But they need to keep 'pushing the envelope' to stay relevant...
Repeat this mantra:  Competition is good.  Now take a deep breath and remember that this forces innovation from everyone (including Apple).
I think you may be onto something there...absolutely brilliant headline there AppleInsider.  /s
Oh my God.  End of Days!  Apple is doomed!! Sell, everyone, sell !!!  /s
Like Microsoft or not, Outlook seems to actually work quite well on the iPad.  
Good choice. He'll nail it!
Well, the page is now "temporarily unavailable".  Someone woke up!
Well, if this is true, it is very disappointing.  
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