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I think you may be onto something there...absolutely brilliant headline there AppleInsider.  /s
Oh my God.  End of Days!  Apple is doomed!! Sell, everyone, sell !!!  /s
Like Microsoft or not, Outlook seems to actually work quite well on the iPad.  
Good choice. He'll nail it!
Well, the page is now "temporarily unavailable".  Someone woke up!
Well, if this is true, it is very disappointing.  
Bingo.   Reminds of the Picasso logo they used a few years ago.  Hmmm. 
No one I know has had a problem.   Both my Opel and my wife's Nissan connect without a problem.  Many other friends with different cars and models similarly report no issues.
Actually the iBook and Cube design were quite good.  Still have my Graphite iBook and works great - and the design was great for it's time.  As for the cube, the only real downside was the cost at release.  I purchased one off ebay a few years ago for a great price and it works like a champ.
Both iPhone 5S and iPad mini retina preparing update now.  Total download time about 8 minutes each.  Let's see how long the preparation itself takes...
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