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Rest in Peace, Steve. You have truly changed the world and it is better for it.
Only in Oklahoma!
As others have stated, I hope the Kindle succeeds. I love my iPad, and have used various flavors of Android tablets with mixed results. For sheer reading enjoyment, the eInk Kindles and/or Nooks are a far better way for reading (IMHO). Let's see how the Fire does with its LCD screen -- the size is actually good for reading ... but reading books only. Trying to read magazines or do other table-centric tasks will prove to be a challenge - just like the Nook Color is ...
And in related news, a former female employee of AT&T has filed for employment benefits after it was disclosed that she inadvertently released privileged data contrary to her non-disclosure agreement.
When ATI leaked information it was (if I remember correctly) a semi-official statement from the company itself. This appears to be a photograph of a screen which could have been taken by anyone with access into their database. Will Apple be unhappy? Sure. But I don't expect them to take any action because of one (possible) employee. In any case, I hope the iP5 is everything it is being hyped as ... my 3GS is ready for retirement.
While I may have misspoke when stating an 'Order' was issued, I would still not be surprised (though I don't know for a fact) that Steve's legal team asked Samsung to 'cease and desist'. Calling this statement idiotic is both rude and uncalled for in this forum. This is supposed to be a place where opinions can be made without someone being rude.
What was 'idiotic' about the comment?
OK...his legal team 'implied' that they would pursue a legal order. Shall we play word games? Apple's legal team quite often warns people of potential issues and kindly requests they refrain from a particular practice. My guess is that Samsung chose to ignore this suggestion ...
That Steve and his legal team issued a 'Cease and Desist' order and they ignored it...
Ah, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it easier to install 'non-official' apps onto Android phones?
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