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Actually my point was not aimed toward VentureBeat, but the rest of us as consumers.  Read the 'news' on this and other sites with a full understanding that most of what we hear are rumors - not fact.  Entertaining at times - but not necessariliy true. 
Has anyone begun receiving invitations yet?  It will be nice if we can install this within a VM (i.e., Parallels).  I'd rather not run from an external drive and won't risk my primary system.
Once again, the problem with rumors.
Well if anyone can do it right, it is Apple.
Not exactly the best location for most people in Istanbul, but hopefully this will just the first of many.
Yes. But will it have the Microsoft click-clack attachment? /s
Amazon also has them...and the prices are not too high.
Watch out for all the timeless comments...
Great comment!!
Many of my co-workers are coming up to me and asking about other iPads -- i.e., Sony, Asus, etc. When I try to explain that the iPad is Apple alone, they continue on as if they never heard me. Slowly, the iPad name is becoming synonymous with Tablet.
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