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This "seller" has only been on eBay since October, 2012
meanwhile, I walked into an Apple Store yesterday, bought one and walked out. I could have bought one the night before when I doing some comps, they checked stock then and they still had what I was looking for.   So it would appear that they are making sure the B&M stores have stock over the Online Store.   I'd be interested to see what the actual turn-around times are for ordering from the Online Store for stock vs a BTO with something like the Fusion Drive...
indeed, check out the full story at their website: www.consumerist.com best website ever for consumers.   /*cough*
also- when I use my Google Voice number for CL, I say you can call or text. I rarely get calls, I get texts though. After I delete the ad, I might get a couple of texts for a week due to scraper sites that pick up my ad from CL and then republish it, but that is about it. plus if someone is an asshat I can block them. plus it is free.   The pool of numbers that BURNER has will eventually get used up and then debt collectors will be hounding each one of them. I just "added...
And if you are in the south, you go to a restaurant, they ask what you want to drink: "A coke" "What kind?" "Root Beer"
I was telling someone about how I use the Square app and dongle to accept payments and she said "oh good, I have an iPhone", which she pulled out of her purse. "Uh, no" I said "You have a Android phone" She made a confused face. "but that's fine" I said "They have an Android app too" then she made a happy face.   another story: daughter in law can't wait to show us the new iPad she found for $299 "That's not an iPad" her: "oh, well I can use it for email...
Here is my take, far-fetched as it may be:   Apple helped to create these standards in the first place knowing what direction their manufacturing was going. They also knew the iPhone and iPad would be exempt. (don't forget that iOS was made for a tablet before it came out on the iPhone...)   Now all other manufacturers hold back their designs to comply with this standard while Apple simply moves past it with the iPad and everything else. Apple knows how much...
Ah, but I will! My wife has an iPhone 4 and does not like to use a case, so I can get one for her phone and then simply "borrow" it. Wife FTW!
I like the Bumper case. The one I got for free the last time is starting to fall apart. I could use another one and free is better than $29.99
Any mention of how many regular Kindles were "cannibalized" by the sale of the FIRE?
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