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Why don't you contact the town directly for the answers to these questions?
and how much was the town getting in taxes from Donnie and Kathy Fulbright? Even if Apple did not hire any locals, there are now 50 or more tax paying residents in the town or surrounding area than there were before Donnie and Kathy Fulbright sold the land. The tax breaks are over many years, not one year. Even if Apple paid zero taxes, there is a net benefit to the town simply from the construction of the building and those 50 new employees that most likely have moved...
How many jobs were there when Donnie and Kathy Fulbright lived on that land? How many jobs were there after Apple moved in?
these are existing Hotmail users that are now using their iPhones etc to access their existing accounts. That's a bit different than the misleading headline.
I don't get that Option screen when hooked up to my iPhone 4 or iPad. Do you happen to have a developer version of OS 5 installed on your device(s)? from the iTunes 10.5 help menu:"If you’re on a Wi-Fi network, and have iOS 5 installed on your iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad, you can sync your device without connecting it to your computer."
Does this mean I have to buy things on Craigslist now?
Poking around Adobe's site I see no reference to pricing except "click here for a consultation." that phrase automatically puts it out of my price range. I have ONE magazine that I would love to offer for 99¢ but iTunes won't take PDF and ePub makes it look like crap because it is filled with graphics and photos.
If they OWN the patents, that is one thing. If they LICENSE those 30,000 patents, how does that create any value for RIM?
No one I know is aware of them. Perhaps I live in a bubble, but very time I go the Apple Store near me, it is filled with parents and kids. Especially now "just before" college. They come in and ask the kids what they want, talk to someone for a short time and then walk out with a MacBook Pro, a printer, MS Office and any number of other things. They might pick up an iPhone while they are there despite the fact that a new one is on the way in a few months. If sales...
I want to know how this is going to impact my data plan. iCloud may be free for now, but this is going to be transferring a LOT of data over 3G. So it looks like "free" from Apple means me paying $10-$25 more a month with AT&T on a new data plan or overages. UPDATE: looks like iCloud is WiFi only for now. (still watching keynote...)
New Posts  All Forums: