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it fixed my movie descriptions! now they show up like they should.
I'm looking for the "facts" in your link. I can't find any. Just a company announcement that 10 million Galaxy phones were pre-ordered worldwide. Samsung had similar "facts" about sales of the Galaxy TAB but it turns out they shipped 2 million to retail outlets but sold "considerably less" according the WSJ. And "considerably less" was the quote from SAMSUNG.
I was at Costco yesterday. There was a big end-cap display of Motorola XOOMs. As I walked up to the display I realized the entire thing was just flat sheets of cardboard that you would take to the checkout and then redeem to get your product. All the slots of "product" were full. None were removed to even make it appear as though there was some demand. The only actual device was behind a locked display and it was in some sort of demo mode. The demo mode simply said...
That is what I want to know. What percentage of those buying have no intention of even opening the box?
Try Googling NFL, iPad and PLAYBOOK. You will get a ton of stories about how the NFL is planning on getting rid of their paper playbooks and replacing them with iPads. RIM could give away their PLAYBOOK to the NFL in exchange for the PR, but they currently have nothing to give away. I just found it ironic and amusing that RIM named their tablet after something the NFL uses but it does not appear that the NFL will be using RIM's product.
and the NFL is planning to use iPads for their new PLAYBOOKS. how confusing is that?
I'm confused. I am already able to sit down in front of my TV with ATV connected and use the Remote app to navigate the ATV to play movies that I have in iTunes on my Computer(s). What has changed here?
I think most of you are missing the most important point. Have you forgotten the long-standing feud between Apple and Apple Corps? It would appear to be over. (unless there are still on-going lawsuits? I don't know...) Even if Apple agreed to give 100% of the take to Apple Corps this still represents a milestone in Apple's history and not just because they got the exclusive rights for a year.
New Posts  All Forums: