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John Chen is a very capable, very solid player.  
No fix for the move and scale bug yet. It's surprising how annoying this is.
The experience is much better on the iPhone than it is on the iPad; after some early frustration with the contrast and color choices (e.g., the red menus and text in calendar), it's growing on me.
I call shenanigans.
The average consumer is smart enough to not pay MSFT a monthly "subscription" fee.  The average corporate IT department needing to stay in compliance with MSFT licensing rules for mobile device software products has no choice.    
There is no such thing as bad publicity (except your own obituary).     Drawing this out - and getting their digs in as a bonus - are positive PR outcomes for The Company.   And the whole time it plays out, we get to hear the Benny Hill soundtrack playing in our heads.  Hilarity ensues.
Classy. They were really caught in a no-win situation - the needed their own maps solution in the market, but to make it world-class, it needed users, which they can't get until they launch it, but launching it means replacing an existing excellent solution. . .around and around.
They are innovative copiers.  Bazinga.
Thank you for one of the most thought-provoking comments I've ever read on AI. bob
There's nothing wrong with being a "fast follower" and not a market innovator - you get to pick your targets, decide what you can do that is different, and you mitigate a lot of risk that goes along with being a market-leader and an innovator. The trick is. . .you actually have to deliver something that is competitive with, and occasionally better than, the market leader. And you can't have marketing that positions you as a market leader if you're not leading. All...
New Posts  All Forums: