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I won't buy 6+ unless it has 2 Gb RAM. I don't care so much about the base storage since I always get the highest.
This is great. Now can we have this for iPhone please? I'm convinced my iPhone 5s is now less than 60 or 70% its original life. I used to get 8 hours now it's more like 5.5 hours. That's less than 70% the original health AND I bought AppleCare which costs more than a new battery would cost Apple. At 8 hours iPhone battery life is barely good enough as it is but at 70% I basically can't even go out and rely on my phone to stay charged. Even if I charged my phone fully...
OT but why doesn't the US just split up and be done with it?  You're like a bickering old unhappily married couple.
Perfectly succinct.  I love it!
I think Apple makes nice computers and adequate phones (sad that no one else is better) but the watch is silly. Let's see a digital watch that relies almost exclusively on a charged compatible phone nearby for most of its functionality. You're dependent upon Apple for basic servicing and battery replacement and beholden to them for activation. Talk about lock-in! The iPhone is bad enough. The watch is a throwaway and in no means a fully independent device capable of...
This is yours and my tax dollar being spent while they cut health, education and homelessness increases.
For those who don't get it Apple won't (or at least shouldn't) extend the screen to the bottom of the device or make it shorter as in this picture. I think they'll keep the button size's and shape but remove the physical depress in favour of haptic. That should cut down on the internal space required for the button's parts.Hopefully they'll keep it slightly recessed with a rim too because that's handy for orienting tjhe device in the dark and the colour of the rim is a...
At what point will Thunderbolt be able to support external graphics cards?  I thought Thunderbolt 2 was already close to or equivalent to PCI-E 16?  Correct me if I'm wrong.  If so then won't Thunderbolt 3 be more than fast enough to support an external high-end graphics card?  My laptop only appears to use 8 lane PCI so the potential advantage would be even greater?
I'm hoping for a larger force-touch trackpad, maybe a few millimetres weight loss, per key backlighting and new display tech! I want full sRGB. It's not right that the iPad (107% sRGB) and iPhones have a larger gamut than Apple's professional photo editing laptop at only 72% sRGB. 72% isn't good enough anymore. The screen is noticeably lacking in saturation and vibrancy compared to the iPad.
The final solution? Excecution of final joke ever? Must analyse!Try an anti-glare cover. I got one for my rMBP and it achieves more or less the same effect. I couldn't live without it.And just generally, what's all this talk of Apple dropping discreet graphics entirely? Graphics is already the laptop's weakest part and it would kill the computer's usefulness for certain professional applications.I want power graphics! I might also be in the market to upgrade my early...
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