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Really thought they'd have a black version with backlit keys. Missed a huge opportunity there. Applw doesn't make white computers anymore so they kind of stand out and the white keys show grime really easily.
 Except it wasn't, cause, you know, the rest of the world isn't like America.  Is that really what it's like? I regularly leave my belongings unattended in cafes, pubs and restaurants (including laptops) without a worry and have never had anything stolen.  If I really cared I might ask a stranger to watch it.  This is very common everywhere except prominent tourist areas where it's known there are thieves. In some countries people might chase after you to hand something...
The new version of Adblock Plus for Safari Mac has a whitelist feature whereby ads that meet their minimum standard for decency (which includes no tracking) are automatically exempt from being blocked and the user doesn't have to white-list sites individually, though can presumably still blacklist them if their advertising is over the top. This is also on by default so users must opt out if they want to block all ads. I'm guessing they'll release an iOS version soon. So...
Exactly this.Advertising that significantly degrades the user experience is one thing, but canvassing, profiling and tracking of behaviour across the web is the thing that's immoral and unnecessary and I defy AI to defend its use of advertising which does this!
Don't you think it's a bit premature to be posting such dire predictions about the impact of iOS 9's content blockers on your revenue stream? How about an open dialogue with users about your income from advertising in the coming weeks and months including specific details and figures to demonstrate whether it is or isn't having a significant impact? Without this we as users have nothing to go on re the supposed morality choice to which you're inferring and this article...
Not the first time Apple has used indoor trees...   Apple Store Bondi  
And yet I still have no idea who she is nor would I be able to recognise any of her songs.However I like that she publicly told Apple off and put the Tim Cook and Phil Schiller in their place. That was funny to watch.
Yeah I want 1080p resolution on the 6s for maximum video quality but the 6 Plus is too big for me. Is that too difficult to understand?Watching videos is one of my (and I suspect many) most used features. I have plenty of 1080p content but the 6 Plus just isn't practical.In this day and age less than 1080p and I feel like I'm missing out (which technically I am a lot of the time).
Is it sad that the only feature I'm interested in from that list is the rose gold colour? This doesn't bode well for sales, if flat or below are predicted. Apple really needs to lift their game. This tick tock thing is really limiting. Give us 1080p in the iPhone 6s Apple! Then I'll upgrade in a heartbeat! Without that, I'll probably stick with my 5s.
Except Apple won't pursue it because Tidal are probably correct. Why would they lie?Are people genuinely surprised that Apple engages in confidential NDA-like negotiations? We hear it all the time. Tidal probably can't reveal these negotiations for fear of being sued.Apple are like Scientology in their secrecy and propensity to sue.
New Posts  All Forums: