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Did you really clean the vacuum filter? :P
South Korea can survive Samsung crashing.  They've still got Hyundai which is bigger and stronger.
That's funny, because as of 8.0.2 I can no longer sync in iTunes over Wi-Fi and now they won't let me downgrade!   WTF is going on at Apple?  Srsly get your sh*t together!
Oh please... Every year Apple trots out some "photographer" to tout the improvements in the new iPhone's camera, but the truth is even an average point and shoot for a couple of hundred bucks can cream an iPhone for picture quality...and always will! The fact that this guy already has a fully edited movie shot in Iceland using the new models proves he received pre-release iPhones directly from Apple for testing and that makes his video nothing more than a biased Apple...
So iCloud is safe and secure...unless you're targeted and don't have 2-step verification enabled?   Well I for one had no idea if I had it enabled or how to enable two-step verification until recently and I'm hardly a typical Apple user so I'd love to know what the average adoption rates of two-step verification are.  I never even noticed a prompt to enable it until signing in to Yosemite public beta.   Rather than be so pompous and arrogant all the time maybe Apple...
So what does this mean... no one else is allowed to build a glass cube anymore?   This whole patent thing just gets weirder and weirder.
Public beta 2 got a bunch more Yosemite wallpapers, not just that one! :)
 Where did you hear that?  I haven't seen an update since the first public beta.
Just once I'd like one of these executives or CEOs to say that they're lucky to be where they are or to have what they have.  But no one ever does.  Everyone always thinks they deserve what they have no matter how much or how little that is.  Heaven forbid they admit to a lucky break or two along the way.   I find this culture of entitlement that pervades Western society interesting from a sociological perspective.
New Posts  All Forums: