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 OK Mr Pedantic, let me rephrase:  I'm concerned Apple will use size as an excuse to close down audio out.
The iPhone needs to be thinner?  Seriously?  Apple are you not listening to customers who say they want significantly better battery life?   I have a bad feeling about this.  3.5 mm is by its nature an open standard.  I'm suspicious of Apple's intensions and that they might just be using "size" as an excuse, especially in the light of the whole Beats thing.   Apple has made it very difficult to get digital audio out of iDevices traditionally so I don't see this...
So the annual increments of 2% at less than inflation means effective pay cuts, eroding this pay rise over time?  Way to go Apple! /sarcasm.   The pay is probably ok if you're young or a student, as many Apple staff seem to be, but it's hardly good money for a career.  Even that manager pay is pretty crappy.  But then I don't expect Apple wants older and experienced staff, not even for their "genius" positions.  Any employer that doesn't recognise or value (pay) age and...
OS X Sonoma: The wino edition.
Ventura: all I can think of is a certain investigator of pet crimes...
The article states that there was no opt-in, iMessage was automatically enabled so the user has no understanding or prompt on what to do to reset their phone before sale and not even Apple acknowledges that it's necessary.I honestly find the über defensive "Apple can do no wrong" crowd a bit tiresome.
Yeah cause I'm sure calling AppleCare and saying "I'm having problems getting messages on my new Samsung phone" is going to get you lots of help and support...
 I don't know about the UK, but Microsoft usually offers Windows Professional and Office Professional dirt cheap to students and staff at universities here in Australia.  I got Windows 8 and Office 2013 for about $10 each as a qualifying staff member.  I've seen Microsoft set up a stall at student orientation to sell to students too.  So 60 pounds just to get Cloud syncing is a lot in comparison.  I couldn't afford that if I was a student!
Another chance for Carl Icahn to waste $500,000 of his investor's money so he can brag about it on Twitter cause he needs that to feel important despite Tim Cook not giving a crap about anything he has to say!
 Um, not on unreleased versions of OS X as a non-developer?
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