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Because Apple is a business.  It's popular and they'd have no trouble selling the tickets even if they charged more. Plus they only want real and serious developers to attend.  If they made it cheap or free you'd get a lot more amateurs wanting to go out of interest (or who might only want to go to the keynote) and using up the lottery spaces, thereby taking the places of real developers who'd get a lot more out of the sessions. Amateurs can still go of course, if they're...
LOL.  Sounds like someone is a bit defensive?  Are you saying if you own an Apple product you have to like the Apple watch?  I'm not the one that isn't making sense.  I've owned many Macs and several iPhones and I'm not the one blindly accusing others of lying.  I expressed my opinion that the watch is a shit product.  I'd prefer they focus on making decent professional software like a new Aperture instead of this crap.   PS.  I use the word crApple all the time.  Just...
I like the look of that big round Rolex, much nicer than the crApple watch in my opinion.  It also won't go flat after one day and be worthless in a couple of years, nor will it track you and send that information to your phone and then the cloud. I own a rMBP and iPhone 5s so I'm hardly some Apple-bashing troll.  Just sayin'!
This sounds like a beat-up. While I haven't seen the shows mentioned I highly doubt that they're really pornographic. Adult oriented maybe but not genuine porn. Genuine porn would be refused R rating and not available for broadcasting in this way. Hasn't the author ever been to a sex shop or watched real porn on the Internet? I mean I know this is a website for nerds but come on! Talk about click bait!
 I almost cried laughing.  I love SBC!  And Bruno is probably my favourite character.  The guy at the end was so vacant and SBC sensed comedy gold and went for it!  The ending was perfect.
Do the polo shirts denote a higher rank of shop boy/shop girl?   Edit:  Apparently not.  Still I'd get the polo!
No.  What happened?
What the hell are you talking about?
Anything that makes Apple more connected to its users and less bland and corporate is good. Apple needs to do a lot more of this to reverse a trend towards the latter.
They should offer a really big ticket item like a Mac Pro or 5k iMac to one person!   Does anyone know if there's a lot of prize swapping when people don't like what they got? LOL
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