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Saw the preview and it can stay banned for all I care. It looks terrible! Nothing in the premise of the film makes sense in the slightest. Oh and I know North Korea and its "Dear Leader" are hardly admirable but making a movie about killing Kim Jong-Un reaks of US imperialism.
Are workers required to work 60 hour weeks? If so that's inhumane. The fact that Apple even allowed this to happen in the first place shows they give scant regard to the welfare of workers at their suppliers. Sure many people in the west work 60 hour weeks, but in most cases they choose to do that amount of overtime and can't be forced to do it, and they get big big dollars as a result. If Tim Cook says he's offended by the BBC showing the truth then that just goes to...
A bit cynical to say he'd do it for money. Woz seems like the last person in the world to care about money. He's an engineer first and foremost. I think that's his true passion.
I'm surprised this hasn't been mentioned in the news or discussion forums.   It's been reported that Steve Wozniak has plans to move to Australia soon and has even applied for Australian citizenship.  He was recently granted permanent residency for his family and got a job at the University of Technology in Sydney.   He says his ideal place to retire is Tasmania, something I can understand completely.   Steve says: "I want to be a distinguished part of this country...
How do you know they stole it?  Maybe they asked permission to use the name or offered them some money.  I don't hear them complaining.  It got them some publicity at least anyway.
No doubt Apple will take all of that 90 days of grace to patch this hole and/or figure out another backdoor to intentionally program into OS X.  Probably too cynical but maybe not.   Either way I'm interested to know how and why Apple introduced changes to OS X that can result in such a significant (by the sounds of things) vulnerability.
This led many to believe it was an underhanded way of telling developers not to replicate OS X functionality, which Apple has a history of doing for iOS and OS X... or perhaps they were just embarrassed that PCalc was better! Either way it's nothing but a complete backflip from Cupertino.  It's not like a calculator widget can be a massive resource hog.  I'm sure PCalc is very efficient and requests virtually no resources. There were many much more resource-hungry...
Did you really clean the vacuum filter? :P
South Korea can survive Samsung crashing.  They've still got Hyundai which is bigger and stronger.
That's funny, because as of 8.0.2 I can no longer sync in iTunes over Wi-Fi and now they won't let me downgrade!   WTF is going on at Apple?  Srsly get your sh*t together!
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