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Public beta 2 got a bunch more Yosemite wallpapers, not just that one! :)
 Where did you hear that?  I haven't seen an update since the first public beta.
Just once I'd like one of these executives or CEOs to say that they're lucky to be where they are or to have what they have.  But no one ever does.  Everyone always thinks they deserve what they have no matter how much or how little that is.  Heaven forbid they admit to a lucky break or two along the way.   I find this culture of entitlement that pervades Western society interesting from a sociological perspective.
Ah the iPod Hi-Fi! That will be a collectors item for sure one day because I doubt they sold too many if they killed it off so quickly. I have vague memories of hearing it and thought it sounded pretty good for the price but it was a bit too bulky and not all that attractive, certainly nothing like the beautiful B&W Zeppelin dock! Yes I'm thinking of course of amateur photographers that can't really afford to step up to a base Mac Pro, and there are more of them than...
 I disagree that the Mac Mini is (just) for switchers.  I know many Mac users that've been waiting an eternity for a new Mac Mini including some that want to transition from the iMac or MacBook to a Mac Mini. The Mac mini has a particular appeal for those who don't need a lot of power and graphics capability but want to choose their own display and the audience I'm thinking of in particular here are photographers but as discussed there are plenty of other potential users...
 Hey Apple, if that's the case why does iCloud keep a record or every phone number and email address I've ever contacted on any of my Apple products, stores this information in the cloud and syncs it across devices and makes it very difficult to delete the information and impossible to turn the remembering behaviour off? Thanks for offering to remember everyone I've ever contacted for the purposes of auto-complete but you provide perfectly good address book apps that also...
 Existing model has exactly the same video card with 2 Gb VRAM. All in all a pretty snore-worthy update.  Not that it isn't a great laptop already.  32 Gb BTO RAM option would be welcome. Just what is it with Apple lately?  I mean where the hell is the new Mac Mini?
 Agreed.  Really unexpected style too.  Apple ads are normally so clinical and this one isn't.  Some of them even have marks from use. Well done Apple, this is exactly what you need to do.
If true, it's not good enough.  Apple are pushing thinness way too far ahead of usability.  Sure you can make it last 8 hours if you just use Safari, Mail, text, basic apps, music and video but anything with GPS kills the battery in no time.  Those "dating" apps that show people near you are a classic culprit.  You're lucky to get 2-3 hours battery life using those things.  Navigation and frequent use of Maps runs the battery down too, just when you likely need the phone...
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