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 Um, not on unreleased versions of OS X as a non-developer?
 I really agree with this.  But for the most part major design decisions (and mistakes) can't and won't be fixed in the beta stage.  This is where boring little bugs will be discovered and sent off to Apple's developer monkeys to be squashed.  I wouldn't get your hopes up that the public will get early access to major new versions of OS X (unfortunately). If you look at some of the recent "failures" it's where Apple has deliberately pushed beta software out to the...
And how much energy was used to make and transport all those green t-shirts to retail staff?
So if "key" web services were not affected does that mean that some non-key services were? If so I'd love to know which ones! As always with Apple you have to read between the lines because all their public messaging is scripted to within an inch of its life. Apple realises that it's worked hard to gain the trust it has and it'd be hard to win back if lost so they don't want to say anything that could come back and bite them later.
 I agree.  It's only natural that any business will do what it can to minimise tax, but... What's clear is that there's growing public discontent over the situation and just how low the rates of tax actually are.  The fact that a conservative financial newspaper conducted and published this research is evidence of that.  The rates are so low that Apple and others could be thought of as having tax-free status in the countries in which they operate and make massive multi...
 Apple also don't like people covering their sexy slim designs with chunky cases that also draw attention to how fragile these expensive devices are.  Smashed screen is the biggest curse of iPhone.  If Apple can give us a phone that's immune to scratches and inherently shatter-proof then they're on to a winner. And is it just me or is the iPhone 5/5s thin enough?  Does it really need to be half a millimetre thinner?  I'd take 3 millimetres fatter for a longer battery life!
 I bet they have!  Like how hard sapphire is! 
Just great... C'mon Apple. I thought you were better than this!
 It's "art". It's a bit strange but you can't say it's not interesting.  I like it.  Better interesting and weird than boring and passé.  Jobs was an interesting and complex person. So kudos to management for not being too conservative on this for a change.
 You can achieve something like this using email rules.  Most email applications have pretty good rule management including Mail in OS X.  For instance you can set up a rule to only receive emails from people in your contact list and people you've emailed previously.  The problem is this isn't occurring at the server level.  You'd still be getting emails from others but would just be automatically deleting them or forwarding them to the trash. Some other services like the...
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