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I already do this manually using an email service with sub-domain support.  It's very effective.  I provide a unique email address to every service I register and as soon as one gets compromised I simply block it.  Depending on the service I may even block the address proactively and only unblock it if or when I need to.   It's great that Apple are looking to take this approach on board at the server level and make it automatic and transparent to users.  A very...
 My I ask which country? I have no need to boycott these games.  I mean why the f would I be interested in such silly games like OCD ice sweeping and skiing off a huge jump for no good reason and doing flips in the air on skis (again for no good reason) and hurtling down a man-made ice tube in a coffin on skates...you guessed it...for no good reason?
 So far... 
I agree dacloo.  The Amiga was amazing.  Not to mention a games powerhouse beyond its years.  I and most of my friends had one.   It was only when Amiga died that I ended up with a Mac.  I think my parents viewed Mac OS as being closer to Amiga OS and therefore easier to transition and adapt.  Plus they had Macs where they worked.  Funny how things work out.
 I see your point.  When Steve came back he definitely needed to make a clean break from the products that almost killed the company. I think now it's long enough ago and Apple are confident and successful enough that they can permit themselves a bit of nostalgia?
The Mac Pro was great and served me well for 3 years but overall the rMBP is the best and most enjoyable Mac I've owned.  The combination of gorgeous screen, fast and silent SSD (a big one), extreme sexiness and portability and finally fast USB 3 puts it way out ahead of even my Mac Pro, which had a faster processor and graphics card.
That was an awesome Mac.   My first experience of Mac, which my parents bought as the family computer, was the Performa LC 630.   The first Mac I bought for myself was a 12" Powerbook G4.   Since then I've bought an iMac G5, two 17" MacBook Pros (the second being the unibody model), a Mac Pro and the latest (and currently only Mac in my possession) a 15" retina MacBook Pro.  Somewhere in there I also took ownership of a 15" iMac G4, which was one of my...
Shattered like one of their touch-sensitive internet and telephony devices. How apt?
I wish YouTube would just die.  Google has no concept of quality software or the end user experience.  What else do you expect an advertising company to do to a video sharing site but turn it to shit.  Google has no history or background in video.  They know the web and they know how to track you and sell your information to advertisers and that's about it.   Vimeo is a million times better.  I actually suggested Apple build a Vimeo app in the home screen of iOS but I...
Apple can say whatever they want, but does the public believe them?  That's what this is about now...trust.   Personally I think anyone that trusts anything that comes out of NSA or any of the providers such as Apple that are bound by secret courts to deny knowledge of everything is naive.
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