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Is it just me or does the Bento logo make it look like it has a tilda or macron above the o, kind of like Bentõ or Bentō Or maybe that's what it's supposed to be??? Pretty ambiguous if you ask me!
If they were going to they would have done so long ago. It's just a case of M$ crippling the Mac version. There are a few clones out there including aMSN though I tried it recently and it wasn't very stable. Here's hoping Adium will pick up video capability soon. Other options include Skype and Yahoo though they won't work with MSN contacts.
I wouldn't want to admit to being responsible for File Maker Pro either!!
As has been mentioned numerous times in other forums, permissions are rarely (if ever) the cause of system problems...repairing them is not likely to achieve anything...It's completely normal for permissions repair to take that long if you have lots of files...As is usual with any system update some people appear to have problems...though many people are also reporting that they've had few if any issues with the upgrade, so I find the title of this forum to be pretty...
You could start by describing your machine and any non-apple software installed...was there any issue during the installation process? Have you removed unnecessary system preferences and caches?
I'll second that...overall no noticeable problems for me so far...updates went smoothly on MBP 2.16 Core Duo.
No way Apple is interested in Yahoo. Yahoo is big into advertising and it's not part of Apple's ethic to enter into the realm of marketing/advertising anything except their own products. Microsoft has offered far above the share price for a dying company...let them waste $40 Billion on it.
Um...try iTunes...it's free and you probably already have it! Simply get info on the track in iTunes, click to the Options tab, select the start/stop time that you want to save separately, then select "Convert Selection to AIFF" (if AIFF is selected as your format in the Input preferences). Repeat for each part of the track by modifying start/stop times then burn...easy.
Seems unlikely Apple would block access to its own website...
Aren't you forgetting about the Shuffle? It's remained relatively unchanged since the 2nd Gen was introduced in Sep '06 with only a refresh of the colours last September. Apple needs to increase its capacity to 2Gb to remain competitive with competing flash players, which offer 2Gb and more for 30-40% less than the Shuffle...C'mon Apple!!!
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