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Rather than being indicative of a poor display...the graininess you see is actually indicative of a good quality picture with poor quality media. Try downloading some of the free trailers in HD from Apple's QuickTime website.
Give me a good board game any day...
Buy an audio course. Michel Thomas's course is excellent for beginners. When writing French, take advantage of MS Word's language settings. By switching to French language it can identify not only mis-spelled words but also grammatical mistakes. Use Google's translation but be aware that it fails for anything but simple statements...confirm with MS Word. I don't expect anyone to be able to achieve partial or basic fluency in French without either living in a...
Which license agreement?
So you're saying I can go up to any games shop and they'll give me a free X-Box 360, a few games and $160 cash??? I don't think so. I think you mean that they subsidised each X-Box console and royalties for games to the value of $160 per console. You still have to fork out $400+ to get it and a few games.
Check out http://osx.iusethis.com Really cool website.
It's been that way for a while, but I think there are some third-party apps that allow you to do it. Try even playing the DVD in another player like VLC then using Grab.
I've never been impressed by Nintendo consoles, and the wii (what were they on when they came up with that name???) is no exception. It's all based around this gimmick of an idea for user input that will probably be laughed about in the not too distant future. The games are childish and one-dimensional and don't even look that good. It's only been popular because it's the cheapest console.
Does it? Or does it just appear opaque on a near black picture??? Having a black background makes it look solid grey. A white one makes it look white.
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