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You DO have a choice not to install languages when you install Leopard. It's a pain but you can remove them from individual applications after by Showing Info. Not sure how much space this would save. Trash printer drivers first, they're like 3.5 Gigs.
Hi, I was wondering, if Leopard is supposed to have OpenGL 2.1 why does it say in the Frameworks section of System Profiler OpenGL version 1.5.5? Don't get me wrong, I have noticed a significant speed improvement in OpenGL games but what's with the version number?
Leopard is cheap enough considering what you're getting...if you can't afford it stick with Tiger until you can. Now paying $200 or $300 for Microsoft office when they hardly develop it at all....feel free to torrent that to your heart's content!!!
Also, by default Leopard installs over 2 gigs of printer drivers, most of which you'll never need. If you didn't de-select them during install you can delete them after by navigating to the printer drivers in the System folder. This can get you some space back!
Is that a blue screen of death??
Resolution independence is there...whether there are system controls for it is another thing entirely.http://developer.apple.com/leopard/overview/ Resolution Independence The old assumption that displays are 72dpi has been rendered obsolete by advances in display technology. Macs now ship with displays that sport native resolutions of 100dpi or better. Furthermore, the number of pixels per inch will continue to increase dramatically over the next few years. This will make...
Are Apple going to be more strict with their licensing this time? Is there going to be any form of activation required? Can I install a single user license on my desktop AND laptop since I am just the one user of both computers? Will this be prevented or is Apple still assuming an "honesty" policy?
Enable fast user switching in System Prefs/Accounts
If Microsoft is due any commendation it is that Word has such good language support. Go to the Tools/Select Language option and see how many variations there are to choose from! Not only do you get spelling localisations (Mac would tell me I spelled that incorrectly) but even grammar checking for foreign languages. It's about time Apple stopped being so US-centric. It's not that hard to bundle some foreign localisations or at least let us install our own custom word...
Yet it is in fact the Australian spelling. Australia uses the -ise ending almost exclusively. There is no Australian English option in Tiger which is pretty frustrating. Sounds like we'll miss out with Leopard too!
New Posts  All Forums: