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I'm not expecting it but it's about time we got 2Gb shuffles!!! Don't just change the colours again and pretend that makes them upgraded....:grumble
I disagree. There is plenty you can do in the command line (more than in the GUI in fact) and lots of ways to mess around with the UI if you have the know-how and inclination.
Mozilla seems to be acknowledging speed issues in its Firefox web browser by adopting an updated rendering engine and architectural improvements that have significantly improved speed in the latest Firefox 3.0 beta. The Firefox 2.0 browser has been known to be one of the most sluggish browsers available, a fact that other companies such as Apple have highlighted in speed comparison tests. Mozilla also claims to have fixed more than 300 memory leaks. Full release notes...
Rather than being indicative of a poor display...the graininess you see is actually indicative of a good quality picture with poor quality media. Try downloading some of the free trailers in HD from Apple's QuickTime website.
Give me a good board game any day...
Buy an audio course. Michel Thomas's course is excellent for beginners. When writing French, take advantage of MS Word's language settings. By switching to French language it can identify not only mis-spelled words but also grammatical mistakes. Use Google's translation but be aware that it fails for anything but simple statements...confirm with MS Word. I don't expect anyone to be able to achieve partial or basic fluency in French without either living in a...
Which license agreement?
So you're saying I can go up to any games shop and they'll give me a free X-Box 360, a few games and $160 cash??? I don't think so. I think you mean that they subsidised each X-Box console and royalties for games to the value of $160 per console. You still have to fork out $400+ to get it and a few games.
Check out http://osx.iusethis.com Really cool website.
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