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I feel like an expert! Don't forget about http://cocoadevcentral.com/
It gets even bigger in Leopard?? It's already too big in Tiger. Who needs a massive drop shadow anyway??
Can iPhone or iPod Touch sync the iTunes library wirelessly? That to me is the biggest missing feature if they can't. Sure Wi-Fi is not as fast as plugging it in, but most of the time when we sync, all it's doing is copying a few songs or play count information. Would be great to have it automatically sync as soon as it finds your home network.
Kate Bush's "The Man With the Child In His Eyes" is such a beautiful song, but I can't help thinking of how perverse the lyrics could be in a certain context.... "I realise he's there when I turn the light off and turn over"..."he's here again...the man with the child in his eyes"... "when I stay up late he's always waiting"...
well dah...
Ripping speed varies by CD but you should be able to get up to 20x from some new CDs if you're not doing anything else. iTunes can hang if it has trouble reading a CD...are they new or old CD you're ripping? If they're old and scratched, this may explain your slow ripping performance. If new, try trashing the iTunes preferences (spotlight "iTunes.plist" and see if that helps. It's rare but occasionally prerefence files can get corrupted.
Recommended by whom? So I have to throw my MBP Core Duo out because it's not the "most current" hardware?
It's pretty good that a 4-5 year old Mac is at least capable of running Leopard, compare that with Vista where people buying new computers needed to ask "Is this Vista capable?" only months before it came out.
Four weeks???!!! Are you kidding? That means they'd have to go gold in a few days...I don't think so. Max one week I would say, they will even likely start manufacturing boxes/instructions etc before it goes gold (ie from the time they halt development/interface changes with the last few releases being for bugs and showstoppers only), then they send it to the factory to burn baby burn by the thousand!
New Posts  All Forums: