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This will undoubtedly be possible via a hack in the terminal or simply editing a plsit somewhere...can any preview users confirm?
They will keep their promise and push it out in the last week of October, but it will still carry bugs which will be addressed in the first few dot updates.
Um, the whole point of Open Office is that it is Open Source and it is FREE!!! You can't just buy an open source product like Open Office, all the developers who helped to make it would riot! The code is only available if it's used for strictly not for profit purposes. As for Adobe, given Apple's latest venture I doubt they would try to compete with them for a Mac market and the PC market is so biased towards Microsoft it would hardly be profitable. There is just not...
True, but most of us are stuck on PCs at work and have little to no say in the software available to us! I'm aware of some of the better graphing programs, was simply asking out of curiosity that's all. There must be a reson Excel is limited to that number (which is 2^16 by the way!)
Well consider this: Apple generally includes a free copy of Leopard after it's release for any new machines that still have Tiger pre-installed... I would wait until it comes pre-installed (and includes Leopard software restore discs) because it makes restoring your Mac if you ever need to erase and install easier since all the bundled software comes on the restore disc (it's possible to install this software separately but is more hassle).
I don't know but have you looked at RapidWeaver? It sh*ts all over iWeb.
From a purely data processing perspective it's not that bad and is nearly everyone (I know) first choice for data storage/processing. Only when you run into limitations in Excel do you tend to go for more powerful data processing/graphing or statistical packages. I think the limitations in Excel are more due to the Spreadsheet model itself as a method of data storage when compared to a proper database. Access has and always will be a nightmare and is not that intuitive...
So can Numbers beat Excel's limit of 65,536 rows? I work in Science and have often needed more than that.
This is all good, but what about the languages...
Does Pages have language support? I mean I am studying French and it's really useful to have not only a French spell-checker but also grammer checker, it helps a lot when you're writing in a foreign language! Word has pretty good language support so can someone tell me if you can do the same in Pages??? PS I tried downloading the trial but I keep getting "codec overun" messages...It's sh*tting me to no end.
New Posts  All Forums: