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From a purely data processing perspective it's not that bad and is nearly everyone (I know) first choice for data storage/processing. Only when you run into limitations in Excel do you tend to go for more powerful data processing/graphing or statistical packages. I think the limitations in Excel are more due to the Spreadsheet model itself as a method of data storage when compared to a proper database. Access has and always will be a nightmare and is not that intuitive...
So can Numbers beat Excel's limit of 65,536 rows? I work in Science and have often needed more than that.
This is all good, but what about the languages...
Does Pages have language support? I mean I am studying French and it's really useful to have not only a French spell-checker but also grammer checker, it helps a lot when you're writing in a foreign language! Word has pretty good language support so can someone tell me if you can do the same in Pages??? PS I tried downloading the trial but I keep getting "codec overun" messages...It's sh*tting me to no end.
I don't see a problem at all!!! I once did this to test if a particular recruitment agency was discriminating against me so I changed the name on my CV and they got back right away! Remember, it's perfectly legal to change your name and you're only required to state your actual registered name in certain circumstances where you agree to do so (ie filling in a tax form or stat dec or something). So at some stage they might find out it's not your real name but just say...
Wow, didn't realise Arial and Verdana were almost identical...I'm gonna ditch Arial, TNR and Verdana now that I know they're evil! I can't see why Apple really needs them if there are equivalent fonts with the same shape/spacing that can be used instead.
You can hear a sample of the new Leopard voice synthesiser "Alex" athttp://www.apple.com/au/macosx/leopa...ssibility.html The guy that voiced these videos is real, he just sounds like a robot!
Well I was hoping the Intel audio update would fix my problem...no luck
Well it is the logical next step for video iPod. I'm saving my cash until it comes.
Where in that report does it mention anything about a 6G video iPod?
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