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I also thought their choice of a green/grass wallpaper was deliberate because: 1. People like green...it's the most popular shuffle colour apparentl 2. Perhaps subtle reference to Apple's new "green" ethos 3. Not boring...shows off the screens better.
The menu bar transparency makes it less dominant and moves it out of focus slightly...which is a good thing but there better be transparency controls (hacked or otherwise). Should also help prevent burn-in for non LED displays (not a huge issue but noticeable on old LCD displays).
200th post!!! 4:32
my bad
16620 seconds
sad but true
Haha, I love how this has become a countdown/how's your battery health thread.... 5:23 to go!
You sure there isn't something wrong with it? Mine has 253 cycles and 87% health...
Just made my own "working" widget in Dashcode...I think the problem has been inability to recognise time zones without making it grab the time from a time server.
Mine says 23 hours...it is actually 36 hours and 10 minutes. What kind of monkeys are making these widgets...???
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