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I hope a dark glossy theme is one of the secret features!!!!
I bought a second-hand 17" MacBook Pro four weeks ago. It was six months old so still under warranty. The display had the patchy discolouration fault some people have reported, so I took it in to get it replaced under warranty. Sure I had to wait a week to get it back but I've got a perfect brand new display so I can't complain. Moral of the story...most faults will become apparent within the first year under warranty. If you're not satisfied with that get the...
Just when I thought I had a good reason to upgrade to Leopard... :-( "Though we saw gains on the Mac Pro with the Radeon X1900 XT, we saw no gains on our MacBook Pro 17" Core Duo with the X1600 Mobility."
So can anyone confirm whether the MacBook Pro Core 1 Duos ARE actually upgradeable to 802.11n?
Very sound advice!
Not true, the MacBook Pro can support a 23-inch Apple Cinema Display, though you need the 256 Mb X1600 to run the 30". I have not seen any high-def television or projector come close to running at that resolution however, so you should be fine with the 128 Mb. However, if you anticipate getting a 30" CD go with the higher video RAM. As for getting a MacBook over MacBook Pro there are loads of discussions on it but I'd suggest several reasons for getting the MacBook Pro:...
LC 630 - something slow B&W G3 - 350 MHz Cube G4 - 400 MHz 15" iMac G4 - 800 MHz 12" PowerBook G4 - 1.25 GHz 17" iMac G5 - 1.8 GHz 17" MacBook Pro - 2 x 2.16 GHz
Don't think anyone has mentioned it yet, but Graphic Converterhttp://www.lemkesoft.com/xd/public/c...lkPTE5Mw_.html can't be forgotten! This is often quicker and easier to use for small image editing/conversion tasks than Photoshop and it's a hell of a lot cheaper at 25 euros. I recently discovered Rapidweaver http://www.realmacsoftware.com/rapidweaver/ . This is an awesome web-page creator with really nice themes built in. Very easy to use. Still a bit basic but...
Thanks for that. I actually ended up downloading it in the end
Here's hoping 802.11n APE cards are just around the corner \
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