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Who plans to get in early and install the Leopard Beta? I for one can't wait much longer to try it out, and I need to erase-and install anyway to merge some partitions. It's easy to register as a developer with Apple and if you can't get it through them I'm sure the beta will be torrented. Anyone else planning this?
Firefox is a bit slow to launch, but its privacy and security features are great and with plugins like AdBlock Plus and NoScript I finally have control over what my browser actually downloads. My advice...just launch FF at startup and leave it open for faster browsing.
Command-Delete followed by Shift-Cmd-Delete (Move to trash, empty trash).
That's funny, in Australia it costs to send SMS but is free to receive.
Tell us what apps you are running and we can respond. The spinning circle suggests deep system-related activity like virtual memory activity. OS X doesn't tend to suffer the same crippling slow-downs as Windows though a regular (once a month or so) system clean does seem to help prevent degradation in performance. There are plenty of system maintenance utilities that help to keep your system lean and mean. Try a full system clean with "MainMenu" and see if that...
My understanding Is Bootcamp doesn't like to install Windows unless you only have one partition on your hard-drive...unfortunately, the only way around this is to completely back up your OS X partition and re-install it after combining all separate disk-utility partitions into one. BootCamp uses a flexible partition system on the Mac OS X partition. This is a hassle but is the only way around your current situation. Maybe the Boot Camp that comes with Leopard won't be...
My money is on minor bug fixes included in Security updates...no 10.4.10
Hi Guys, Isn't it time for a new theme for this forum? I find the colour scheme a bit bland and hard to read with its greys on grey on grey. Something a bit livelier and brighter (more Leopard inspired) would be nice. MacNN's forums are looking really good now. \
256 kbps iTunes is LONG overdue. My entire library is 256kbps and I haven't bought much from the store because I didn't think paying for a lowly 128 kbps was worth it. I think what Jobs says about EMI being a "leader" is absolutely true...once the other companies see how popular the new DRM-Free music is they'll be forced to compete by freeing up their music.
Clearing out user and system cache's and temporary items can help. Running "MainMenu" I got back half a gig.
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