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You want nostalgia...I still have a copy of the Mac OS X PUBLIC BETA Of course you would need to turn the clock back to be able to install it (might as well get into the retro spirit). Remember the blue Apple icon in the centre of the menu bar!!! If any collector out there wants to make me an offer...I'll be happy to sell.
No reason to believe they lost sound quality. My 17" MBP speakers handle the audio up to full volume for most things which is now quite loud. The 17" MBP speakers are the best laptop speakers I've heard...still doesn't compare to a low-end hi-fi but what do u expect...
It's definitely no dream...I'd say the audio is at least twice as loud! Other users have also reported this improvement.
I have over 40 apps in my dock and it's invaluable...doesn't take up too much room (32 pixel icon size) and everything is available at the click of a button...gotta love the dock. PS your problem is cause you've got two PHAT icons next to a skinny one...does it really bother u that much?
Is it just me or are the MacBook Pro internal speakers LOUDER now?
Ahh!!! I didn't see that! Thanks that seems to have solved my problem! Thanks a lot (and sorry to Apple for my mistake). I just thought when I put everything else Australian it would have changed the default language dictionary too.
Since Apple hasn't supported anything but US English since OS 9, I'm wondering whether anyone knows if it's possible to replace the dictionary with a custom one. It really frustrates me that Mail and Text Edit keep informing me that I've spelled words incorrectly when I haven't. Sure I can "learn" the correct spellings, but there is no way that I'm aware of to "unlearn" the incorrect American spellings. It'd be great too if Apple improved its Internationalisation...
I hope a dark glossy theme is one of the secret features!!!!
I bought a second-hand 17" MacBook Pro four weeks ago. It was six months old so still under warranty. The display had the patchy discolouration fault some people have reported, so I took it in to get it replaced under warranty. Sure I had to wait a week to get it back but I've got a perfect brand new display so I can't complain. Moral of the story...most faults will become apparent within the first year under warranty. If you're not satisfied with that get the...
Just when I thought I had a good reason to upgrade to Leopard... :-( "Though we saw gains on the Mac Pro with the Radeon X1900 XT, we saw no gains on our MacBook Pro 17" Core Duo with the X1600 Mobility."
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