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Like Europe, NO ONE in Australia uses AIM. By far the majority use MSN, with other minor contenders being Yahoo and Skype. The AOL branding does not work outside of America, because the rest of the world doesn't see itself as part of America (as strange as that may sound to some Americans). Simple as that. I ditched MSN a while ago and I'm so glad I did. I use Yahoo and it's actually the best client I've seen on OS X, very stable with great video support. If you ask...
I think you''re confusing GPS (Global Positioning System) with GIS (Geographic Information System). I don't think whomever wrote the article has a good understanding between the two. First off, I can't see how installing GPS receivers in Macs will enable tracking of stolen machines...they work indoors primarily and GPS receivers usually don't work indoors because the GPS signal is weak and is easily blocked without direct line of sight to the satelites. Secondly, I'm a...
The 256 Mb graphics card will allow you to power a 30" CD and give you better high end 3D graphics performance.Lower yes, but "much" lower? Does anyone have the evidence to back this up? I'm not saying it's not a better processor but I have the Core 1 Duo and while it can get "very warm" to the touch, I've never found it to be too much of a problem. For routine use the CPU usually hovers around the 60 degree mark (heatsinks 40-45 degrees)...which is actually pretty...
There isn't anywhere in the CBD where Apple can build a 3-story glass cube! The pictures look great! Shame it's probably a few years before opening. Did anyone pick up on the "666 car spaces"! I wonder if Apple had anything to do with that...
Why bother doing that now? Wait for Leopard before going through the hassle of a complete backup/fresh install!
My MacBook Pro has the 100 Gb 7200 drive and load times are really quick. I would definitely go speed over size.
I'm with the original poster. I've seen much less to convince me to fork out AU$200 than Tiger. With Tiger we had Spotlight and Dashboard, two really cool features that I use every day. Spaces sounds nice but not that necessary for me and I back up my stuff to DVD as often as I need to so I don't really need Time Machine...so unless there are some really cool unannounced features I can't see myself lining up to buy it.I'd say that's a given!
I wouldn't base your assessment of Tiger (if it even runs on your machine) on an iMac G3 400. It is likely to run very slowly and the graphics will be sluggish at best. Wait 'til Leopard comes out then buy the cheapest Intel Core Duo you can find (eBay or new). Then you'll really see what OS X is all about!!!
G'day Does anyone know if there is a program that can log incoming and outgoing network usage? I am sharing a broadband account with three other people and I want something that will save total throughput over the course of a month and save the information between restarts/shutdowns etc. I can't find anything that will perform this role. Any help would be appreciated. S.
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