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Good to hear!! My first ed iMac G5s display is far too dim! You could always increase the lighting in the room if you find it too bright?
Why not simply trash the OS9 system folder and Applications Folder? How more simple can you get than that? (While in OS X of course). Subsequently it won't be able to find an OS 9 system folder to boot into. You can always use the partition to store other files?
Given such a small form factor for the new Shuffle, do you think it's possible they'll be able to move to 2Gb storage in the same size?
I agree, but it's just their way of trying to build hype about a new product...Apple are very good at hyping their products.
I don't think Apple believes they can afford to sit on their arses, even if MS didn't take on the iPod. They have been constantly refining/updating the iPod since day 1.
I notice that the iPod shuffles don't play Apple Lossless format...this makes sense given the capacity of the shuffle and the fact that you wouldn't fit many lossless songs on there...(though it does play AIFF!!??)...but what I want to know is how does the new Shuffle handle Lossless files in iTunes...does it convert them automatically on the fly when syncing with iTunes or do you have to manually convert lossless files to AAC or otherwise in order for them to play. A lot...
Interesting...Steve clearly said in the Keynote that they would come with the new earbuds! I will definitely make sure they do before I purchase one.
I feel sorry for anyone that buys a Zune...
Haha, great post...I love it!!! As for the death penalty, most Western nations abolished it decades ago (Australia 1937)...when is the US going to catch up? The death penalty is state sanctioned murder and justifies the notion that it is OK to kill someone under certain circumstances. What's more it is shown to NOT be a deterrant to any form of crime and the numbers of innocent people killed every year in the US number in the 100's if not more.
I find the US system of government perculiar in that your political leaders are elected separately to the representatives and this creates the situation you have now, a President who basically has no real political power (influence yes but power no)!! Compare this to most Westminster style systems where the party chooses their own leaders and the majority ruling party's leader is the political leader (ie Prime Minister). Bush now looks pretty useless and has gotta feel...
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