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Ah OK I see now that there is a separate forum for Political posts...
Finally, the beginning of the end of Bush's Reign of Terror! I must say I find the US political system odd that you can have a president that effectively wields no political power??? He's gotta feel like a pretty lame duck now! 8)
I prefer the look of the black and white iPods. If you look after it and apply a thin plastic iPod skin combined with a quality case it should keep its good looks until you upgrade to a new version.
By far the best email service I know is www.fastmail.net It's a fast but feature rich service. They have free accounts but with the one-time member fee of US$20 you can have your own sub-domain and unlimited email addresses. This is great for spam protection! I use unique email addresses for various online boards and if I ever get spam (not had a single one yet) I can just block that address and I know where it came from!!!
I forgot to add, if you have to convert an AC3 file, a small utility with the name of "bd4go.app" works for me, though be aware that if you're down-mixing a surround sound AC3 file to 2-channels then there will be subsequent mixing effect and losses. [QUOTE=davidzLA]Thanks shetline and s.metcalf for the suggestions, I appreciate the expertise. I'm very amateur at manipulating digital music files, am years behind society at downloading from LimeWire, converting files...
ARE YOU SERIOUS!! I've just spent days encoding videos in Handbrake and you're telling me they won't work in iPod video??? They play fine in iTunes but I don't have an iPod video yet to test them.
Yes it is possible! I have used this technique to rip audio tracks from DVD to iTunes. It's a bit of a slow process but it gets the job done with NO quality loss. 1. Download "MacTheRipper" from www.versiontracker.com 2. Insert DVD 3. Launch MTR and click on Mode, then select Title - Chapter from the drop down list 4. Click the small "D" for demux, click Streams button 5. Select the audio channel only, in most cases you will want the PCM 2-Channel option. If this...
Hmmm, if true this could be a real "Zune Killer" Not that it needed killing anyway. I was on the verge of getting a video iPod but I will just have to wait until December now to find out
My 1st gen iMac G5's CPU regularly reaches 70+ degrees celcius!! I don't think you should be worried at all!
P...LEASE!!!!!!!!! Shouldn't this ridiculous banter be located in Apple Outsider so I don't have to read it?
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