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Great thread guys, keep 'em coming!
This is my first post using my new 17" Macbook Pro. It is truly a stunning machine that shows off everything great about what Apple offers. Plus I got it second hand on eBay so I got a great deal too! 8) I would never go back to buying an iMac after having used this!
Are all the Core 1 Duo Macbook Pros 802.11g only (ie not n)?
Yahoo messenger for Mac is pretty good and it supports video. I found aMSN video would not work with at least two thirds of my contacts. So ditch Microsoft and go Yahoo.
Just checking, Macbook Pro Core 1 Duo's don't have 802.11n is that right?
It depends what you define as "satisfactory"
Does anyone know what kind of performance boost you can expect between the 128Mb and 256Mb X1600? Under what circumstances is more memory likely to make a difference?
The patch solved the problem for me! Thanks SO much.
Hi, I would like to replace an open source image on Wikipedia with a vastly superior quality version that I created using an original open source image. I spent many hours cleaning up and improving the image in an image editing program. I've tried to follow the Wikipedia help resources but I find them to be long and complicated. Does anyone have experience in Wikipedia that can describe simply what I need to do. Although the image is open source, I would at least...
I certainly did! I am downloading the patch now. Thanks for such a quick response!
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