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I wouldn't expect a major overhaul of the UI in Leopard. There will be some colour shifts and refinement but that has always occurred as part of a major "dot" release. If you're expecting something completely new and different I'd be prepared to be disappointed. iTunes 7 is the best indication of what we're likely to see in Leopard. Be careful not to get swept up in the reality distortion field!
From what I've seen, the screens on the new iMacs are very good and I think dead pixels out of the box aren't too common and you'd be unlucky to get one (though I don't know if there are any figures on the probability of one...?). As for how noticeable it might be, that would depend on both the colour and location of the dead pixel. Apple has guidelines on what will qualify for a replacement though if you are really unhappy they will usually try to accommodate and...
You're absolutely right with all of your observations. These are relatively minor annoyances but ones that I hope Apple can address in Leopard. As for points 3 and 5 there are differences in the way 3rd party developers adopt Mac OS X technologies and protocols. The way I see it, Apple has been paying much more attention to the technological underpinnings of Mac OS X so far than the Finder. This is not a bad thing and OS X has come a long way since the debacle of the...
Maybe so, but when Tolkien was writing The Hobbit and LoTR he was writing it for himself not to please literary critics. As it turned out the public loved this simple yet authentic linear adventure where you could lose yourself in another world. There was a distinct lack of this kind of novel at the time and just look at what it spawned, fantasy novels are as popular as any other type of fiction so I guess you could say he was a pioneer. Ultimately, who cares what...
I think the point here is that you should choose what bit rate you're satisfied with. If it's 128kbps fair enough...if someone will only listen to Apple Lossless then that's their choice. I find 256kpbs to be a good compromise between quality and size (I do intend to listen to my music through a half-decent sound system as well as an iPod with good quality speakers). I also have some music in Lossless because I make compile CDs a lot and want them to be full quality. I...
That's because the Apple supplied earbuds are relatively lame. Listen to your music on any decent pair of headphones or a hi-fi system and you should be able to pick the difference...the music just doesn't sound as rich or full. This may not matter to you but if you're an audiophile it matters a lot!
Very true, I would consider buying more music online if it was at least 256kpbs because this is what I rip all my CDs to, if the music was lossless I would really be tempted to buy a whole lot more online. The reality is you can download lossless versions of albums with no DRM for free so why would you pay for a sub-standard product?
The quote of 240 songs is based on 128kbps AAC and an average 4 minute song length, so yes you would need to reduce the bit rate of your music to fit more songs on (obviously this would reduce quality also). It may also be you have longer songs, such as remixes or live versions which tend to be longer.
Good to hear!! My first ed iMac G5s display is far too dim! You could always increase the lighting in the room if you find it too bright?
Why not simply trash the OS9 system folder and Applications Folder? How more simple can you get than that? (While in OS X of course). Subsequently it won't be able to find an OS 9 system folder to boot into. You can always use the partition to store other files?
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