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Can someone who has a Sony Ericsson phone confirm for me whether the phones such as V603i, V800i etc can play any iTunes AAC file as a ringtone? If so, how do you get the music onto the phone? On the website it says it can play DRM (Digital Rights Management) protected files as ringtones. I'm interested in one of these phones but the most important feature I want is the ability to play any song in my iTunes library as a ringtone.
My Mac is currently getting serviced and fixed free of charge, but they didn't really explain what the replacement part was...
Apple won't do an All-black interface!!! I think the best we can hope for is a system-wide smooth metal. If u don't like it, u can always kaliedoscope the interface to be anything you want it to be.
Hmm, no one else experiencing this??? I just went to the Apple Support page and apparently there are potential power/video problems with the first rev iMac G5s and an extended warranty program, so I am taking it to a service centre to see if it qualifies.
Tell them you just switched to a Mac and didn't realise you couldn't...they will be even more sympathetic then!!!!! You'll find people in this forum are more than happy to help newbies!!!!
Hey, Just recently (I think since installing the latest security patch) my first ed. iMac G5 1.8 (OS X 10.4.7) has occasionally gone into a coma after periods of disuse. By coma I mean that the sleep light and computer appear to be off but will not start up and I think it is in fact sleeping but won't wake from sleep. No amount of hard resetting will work and the only way to get it functioning again is to turn it off at the wall and reboot! Is anyone else...
Are you sure it's not a default sound in one of your Instant Messenger programs. I know Adium has a default sound every time a message is sent or received. The first thing you'd do is restart and quit all running applications and see if the sound is present. Look in Utilties/Activity Monitor to see what applications are running and if anything looks suspicious.
Mac OS 9 included support for International (ie proper) English. Apple needs to lift their game. I hate the mis-spellings in the Finder.
I'm aware the iTMS only sells 128kbps, my point stands regarding 256kpbs. I replied to a previous poster about lossy formats being bad quality.
THOUSAND OR SO!!! :-O That's several a day!!! Dude you are seriously into music!!!!
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