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Of course he would veto any ban, it's returning the favour for Apple joining the PRISM program. All's fair in love and war and the US will use any means in their war against international companies, including illegal surveillance and wiretapping. It's all proven.
Hehe, I didn't mean to hijack your opinion, it's just that great minds think alike!!! And yeah Access (shudders) is hell on Earth. Let's never speak of it again...
I should also add that my use of FileMaker was for managing/storing and transforming large scientific databases so change tracking is really critical for the integrity of data. Of course there are lots of other tools on the PC side and even basic command-line editors to perform some of the work, but I still really want and need a good, native Mac database application that performs well with millions of records for whenever I work in the Mac environment.
This is a bit worrying, not because Bento being killed off is a big loss (it's not!) but because it's essentially the same management behind FileMaker too and that software is too important to meet the same fate. FileMaker is good but it has more or less stagnated in the past 5 or 6 versions. If their idea of important development is adding new templates then that's a pretty poor indictment of their management and development teams. FileMaker needs a big update to...
Interesting information ulfoaf.   I'm still struggling to see how an iWatch could be a successful product for Apple.  I just don't see it and perhaps this is what they're still struggling with.  It's hard to make a breakthrough device for something people don't actually need or want.   I've long thought however that if they could just put a GPS in the Nano it would greatly enhance its functionality as a fitness tracker for your runs/rides/hikes etc.  I don't want...
Can we please get rid of the Donal Trump ads?  They've been there for ages.  I have no interest in anything he has to say nor to I want to see his ugly mug every time I read a news article.  I have blocking extensions but still these persist.   I wouldn't mind the ads if they were replaced with something decent.
They could at least start with lossless 16-bit first...  
Not to mention with discounted iTunes cards you can get it for even less.
Yep, I'm really looking forward to Aperture 4 too.
So just to be clear...is Soundtrack Pro officially dead and does Logic Pro X have all the functionality of Soundtrack?
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