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May I politely remind everyone this is an International forum!!! :-)
I have a 17" iMac G5 and have had no problems with sleep. It works great and I only shut down when leaving it for 8 hours or more, not that it takes long to start up but 2 seconds as opposed to 30 is a bit better. The only thing with sleeping it at night though is that the pulsating light is so bright I have to cover it or it gets a bit annoying (lights up half the room).
It's not just about iPod's dominance in the digital music player market, but that it's starting to break down the barriers many PC users feel towards Apple. If they feel comfortable and happy with their iPod why not with a Mac? We all know how much of an image problem Apple had in the mid to late 90's, but the iPod is helping to turn that around and give Apple a cool, youthful image that is attracting the young and young at heart. This is exactly where Apple wants to be...
Does this update improve folder organisation?? I've found the way iPhoto stores photos to be a bit annoying...in a series of nested numbered folders that don't mean anything with seemingly no organisation in the photos they contain... Can't it be a bit smarter like iTunes and organise by album or date or something?
Another reason Tiger can't come soon enough!
I want to take some screenshots of a DVD playing in DVD Player but I was disappointed to find that (as of Panther?) Grab won't let you take any shots while DVD Player is open Does anyone kow of a good alternative to Grab that will let you do this, or is it possible to play the DVD in another player and take shots? In an unrelated question, does anyone know a way to get the rip the audio from a music DVD into discrete tracks??
They probably got permission to use the same ones already published on Apple's Tiger preview website. Unless there were ones there that didn't come from Apple???
Hmm, I got 157.25 with my iMac 1.8 512Mb 160Gb HD. If you take out the disk test it goes up to 174.49! I wonder why the disk test scores seem to be a bit low. Still, I'm happy with the overall performance. I would never run it less than highest performance because everything just seems to lag a bit on Automatic. Edit: Well more to the point, the fan noise has never bothered me too much, I usually have music playing so why not have it as fast as it goes?? (which is...
In terms of longevity (like 4-5 years), a dual processor Powermac G5 will do you much better. I'd avoid spending big bucks on a portable. It'll also give you far better performance than the current lineup of Powerbook G4s. If I were you, go the cheapest dual, up the RAM and hard drive, get a 20" widescreen and if you've got any bucks left over get a second hand portable or the cheapest iBook. Remember you pay hefty premium for the pbooks and they'll never be able to...
I was considering partitining the 160Gb drive on my new iMac when it gets delivered, but reading these comments makes me think why bother? I guess I thought it would be useful in terms of re-installing the system not to have to back up to external media. I thought it helps with each major .x release of MacOS to probably do a fresh install but that's a lot of effort every year if the backup process is long and painful. But then I don't install that much software either...
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