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Exactly. I would never order a Mac until it was actually shipping. I can't see the point in Apple holding your cash and making interest off it while you're still waiting. A few weeks wait is OK but several months...I don't think so. Apple has made out like "Be the first to get..." etc as if ordering sooner will make that much difference. The point is, when they're shipping in quantity they're shipping in quantity, it doesn't matter much when you placed your order.
If that's all Apple can offer then they better slash the prices of the Powerbooks or else no-one is going to buy them in anticipation of G5 powerbooks. I think Steve just might pull a rabit out of his hat tomorrow (or out of his turtleneck for that matter).
I think these resolutions are good for new powerbook models but I seriously doubt Apple would introduce a 14.1" Powerbook. They should keep the difference between the screen sizes approximately 2", ie indroduce a 13" Powerbook to replace the 12" which I think is too small for most applications. This should be a standard 4:3 aspect with a resolution of about 1280 x 960. This would make a very tempting and affordable powerbook.
This was a bug I noticed in earlier versions of Jag-wire. Since I no longer own a Mac (I am computerless at present) I can't comment as to whether it remains in later versions but probably is my guess if it's still an issue in Panther. I noticed it when deleting songs from my iTunes music library.
I too was one "guinea pig" that had been using OS X since the public beta! I think I still have all the install/update CDs. Would sure be funny just to install the public beta on a spare hard-drive again just to see how bad it really was! :-)
Sounds like a slobs paradise!
I think a headless iMac would look better AND be more functional than the old cube. My brother owned a cube and whenever he had to connect or disconnect something it was a huge pain in the arse. I much prefer the rounded dome of the iMac than the square box of the cube. I'm not signing the petition. I think the cube was popular because when it was introduced it was a chance to get a G4 for a less than Powermac price. Now of course they've got G4s in the iMacs so they...
Hi, I was just browsing the Apple web-pages on the G5 and also downloaded the pdf's on offer and it mentions that the G5 is based on IBMs Power4 processor. Everyone else is saying that it's a 970 processor but I can't find any mention of "970" in Apple's web-pages. Are Power4 and 970 actually the same thing? Or is the core of it a Power4 but the overall chip called a 970? Can someone clarify this for me?
If they are going to refine the current form factor as opposed to a completely new and radical design (which is probably a bad idea for a professional machine when the current usability is quite good) then I think they need to strip back the plastic of the current towers and mold/fasion the internal box in a way similar to the X-serve. The moulded plastic and handles add quite a bit to the bulkiness of the tower. This means less curviness and more straight lines, but not...
What kind of company is that may I ask???
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