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23" iMac, I doubt it! The 20" is more than big enough already.
Hi dviant, I was asking myself very similar questions about 3 months ago and ended up going for a Canon Powershot S30, which I got a good deal on second-hand. I've been very impressed with this camera; the clarity of the pictures has been excellent. A friend who's only experience with cameras is "point-n-click" took it on a trip to Europe and came back with some absolutely stunning shots. So yes, it does take good quality photos easily in most conditions and there...
Just a quick question. Why does Apple sell refurb units with the same specs as the new ones and where do you get these from? I'm in Australia and I don't think they have a refurbished option here.
LC 630 B&W G3 350 Cube 450 iMac 800... Soon to be...?
WOAH!! That's some collection!! What's your total running time??? Let me guess. Average track length of 3.5 minutes means 816 hours or 35 days of continuous non-stop music? PS. I hope this doesn't turn into a "my playlist is bigger than yours" kind of thread!!
While a 25-30% Mhz boost on the Powermac G5s is nice, it's hardly the "Next big thing". I reckon a mid-late Feb update on the PMs and a possible major revision to the iMacs or something completely new and different for the 20th anniversary in late Jan, but of course this is nothing more than just speculation.
Do the new iMacs still support OS 9 booting? What other computers support OS 9 booting? I remember when Apple tried to prevent OS 9 booting on the latest model G4s before the G5 was released in an attempt to force users (and developers) to adopt OS X, but it seems now that all G4 systems (the towers at least) do support OS 9. I ask this only because I have a couple of games that would not work under Classic in MacOS X and it's also kind of cool to have for nostalgic...
If it weren't for my lack of job security I'd be interested in the 20" except for one thing, the 1.25Ghz G4. While I'm sure it performs very well with Panther, the 1.25Ghz G4 is going to seem pretty slow in a year or two when 3+ GHz G5s are released, and you've got this computer with a big gorgeous screen stuck to a processor that's starting to show its age. I guess that's a limiting feature of the AIO rather than this model in particular. Does it still MacOS 9 boot by...
Can someone explain the difference between CD/DVD+R/W and CD/DVD-R/W? Why is there two formats? Which is "better"??
As soon as the G5 was released and I saw Apple's marketing claim that it was the "World's fastest" I knew it would spark controversy and backlash from the Windblows world and others, but this is not necessarily to Apple's disadvantage because it get's people talking about the G5 and for people to be even using the words G5 and "world's fastest" in the same sentence is a boon for Apple! It is a common perception among PC folk that Apple computers are slow. For years now...
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