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There is another (slightly tougher) quiz at the Sydney Morning Herald...I only got 5/10!!! http://blogs.smh.com.au/mashup/archives//004343.html
Hey, What are the new iMacs like with noise (and the last G5 based iMacs). I have a first-gen iMac which suffered from noisy fans which annoy me to the point I want a quieter machine. Can anyone offer insights/comparisons?
If you have any older PPC software like Photoshop and don't plan to upgrade them to run native on Intel, I'd find a discounted G5 computer to tide you over. Max it with RAM and you should get a good performer for a good deal!! Otherwise go the Intel because most major Apps should be Universal within a year.
Knowing Apple, instead of having the (low-end) iMac specs (without a screen) as the mini should be, they will cripple it in some way such as offering only a single-core processor!!!
Hahaha, good luck if anyone actually tries to spraypaint their plastic WITHOUT actually removing ALL the internal componants!!!!! (if that's possible)
Um, the fact you didn't use the same music files in each test kind of renders the results useless!! The speed of ripping or re-encoding can vary widely depending on the type of music and the type of CD used (if any). I take it you don't remember your high-school science where they teach that in order to test an hypothesis you should remove (as much as possible) all other variables that can affect results!! :-)
Is it just me, but I haven't managed to get sharing across user accounts working in quite a few versions of iTunes (now on 5.0.1). I've got all the settings right in terms of sharing and looking for shared music but it just isn't showing up. And I am keeping iTunes open if that is necessary!! Any help
So what does the video capabilities in iTunes say about about potential new video iPods? I'm considering the 60Gig but should I wait until video?
So you think new ipods in time for Christmas? Around late November or December? Also, I'm assuming this new capability would not be compatable with older iPods? I'm considering getting the 60Gb iPod (Photo). Would be a shame if this couldn't play videos when the new ones can.
I encountered some sluggishness going from 10.3.9 to 10.4 on my iMac G5 when I did a straight upgrade. I then backed everything up and did a completely fresh install and it's running great, really quick. I'd advise, if at all possible do an archive and install or fresh install, it was worth the extra effort!!
New Posts  All Forums: