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Is it just me, but I haven't managed to get sharing across user accounts working in quite a few versions of iTunes (now on 5.0.1). I've got all the settings right in terms of sharing and looking for shared music but it just isn't showing up. And I am keeping iTunes open if that is necessary!! Any help
So what does the video capabilities in iTunes say about about potential new video iPods? I'm considering the 60Gig but should I wait until video?
So you think new ipods in time for Christmas? Around late November or December? Also, I'm assuming this new capability would not be compatable with older iPods? I'm considering getting the 60Gb iPod (Photo). Would be a shame if this couldn't play videos when the new ones can.
I encountered some sluggishness going from 10.3.9 to 10.4 on my iMac G5 when I did a straight upgrade. I then backed everything up and did a completely fresh install and it's running great, really quick. I'd advise, if at all possible do an archive and install or fresh install, it was worth the extra effort!!
No luck there I'm afraid. The first thing I checked was in game settings. Well I've only got one output device, but I've tried unplugging and replugging my external speakers. There is a console in MarbleBlast that may yield some clues as to what's wrong, but I don't know a way to copy the text. I sure hope I don't have to do a complete system reinstall, that would sure suck. I don't see why they would cause such a problem, but the only things I've installed lately...
Hi, for some reason certain apps that use opengl don't seem to be playing all their sound. I first noticed it when launching MarbleBlast, which works but doesn't play any sound. I then tried Nanosaur 2, which only played some music but not all the sounds it's supposed to play. Does anyone have any ideas what the issue might be and how to fix it? I've already tried trashing some preference files for MarbleBlast and resetting PRAM but neither are working. System...
So has anyone that's enabled Q2DE noticed any bugs or their system becoming more unstable? I should be picking up my copy of Tiger today, would be interested to know whether there's any problems leaving it enabled.
Yep, this was the problem. Makes sense because after the update a Java program I was using no longer worked and another one I downloaded refused to run as well, so it seems to be an issue with 10.3.9. I'll run the Security Update tonight. Thanks for the tip!
Is anyone else noticing Safari to be a bit buggy with this update? It's crashing for me a lot when I've never noticed it to crash before (or hardly ever anyway)? Any suggestions? iMac G5 1.8, 10.3.9
Thanks for that, and I don't know. I was contributing to one thread and then the other appeared!
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