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I'd like to meet someone that can consistently identifiy an AAC 256kbps from it's uncompressed counterpart...I'd also like to own a $5,000+ audio system which would be required to tell the difference!!
Blue Dalmation is my all time favourite...that was so retro cool and cute!!! I concur that the new iMacs will continue to slim and hopefully lose some of its chin eventually, but I agree they should maintain full-sized hard-drive and memory componants!!! Bring on a black iMac!!!
Wouldn't you think it's a very US-centric curiculum that is most to blame for low test scores?
Doesn't the iMac only "officially" support mirroring and not spanning. You have to enact a firmware hack to support spanning I thought????
I found the Pages demo included in the Tiger upgrade to be very slow. As much as I hate to say it, MS Office is the most mature and versatile package, even though it has many annoying bugs and limitations. Without a spreadsheet and scripting language, iWork is no competitor to MS Office yet. The good thing is that if you get Office you won't need to upgrade because MS haven't incorporated any significant new features in years (all the while telling people they should...
I've owned a 12" PB but only because I couldn't afford the 15"! An increase to 13.3" widescreen is definitely a good idea!!
The MacBook Pro looks like a great machine, but if you're worried about money and don't need the portability the new Intel iMacs will give you the same (or better) power for a lot less. I'd get the MacBook if I could afford it though!!! :-(
There is another (slightly tougher) quiz at the Sydney Morning Herald...I only got 5/10!!! http://blogs.smh.com.au/mashup/archives//004343.html
Hey, What are the new iMacs like with noise (and the last G5 based iMacs). I have a first-gen iMac which suffered from noisy fans which annoy me to the point I want a quieter machine. Can anyone offer insights/comparisons?
If you have any older PPC software like Photoshop and don't plan to upgrade them to run native on Intel, I'd find a discounted G5 computer to tide you over. Max it with RAM and you should get a good performer for a good deal!! Otherwise go the Intel because most major Apps should be Universal within a year.
New Posts  All Forums: