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Is anyone else noticing Safari to be a bit buggy with this update? It's crashing for me a lot when I've never noticed it to crash before (or hardly ever anyway)? Any suggestions? iMac G5 1.8, 10.3.9
Thanks for that, and I don't know. I was contributing to one thread and then the other appeared!
I can't get iTunes to load .PCM or .AC3 files so I can't convert to AAC. Do you know if there's another software that can do this?
So does anyone know which software can convert from .PCM or .AC3 to AIF? I've tried using OSEX to rip these audio files from a DVD but iTunes doesn't recognise them.
Can someone tell me how you get AAC files from OSEX? I've successfully ripped PCM and AC3 files from a music DVD I have but can't get them to work in iTunes? The instructions don't really explain things that well...can OSEX do it or do I need another program to convert them?
If you had the whiny fan you'd be pretty sure of it. I have it and it's extremely annoying from across the room, with a high pitch that is very inconsistent, coming on and off at random seemingly. I haven't contacted Apple about it yet. I already had to get one replacement iMac because of the vertical line problem on the display. The replacement was good so didn't want to put up with another 3 or 4 week wait for a new machine. I think the noise is annoying enough now...
X11 is supposedly an optional extra on the system install cd's but I found no way to install it after I had a newer version of the operating already installed on the mac. I had to download it from Apple.
Speaking of games, what are some good games out for the Mac at the moment. It seems to me there's a bit of a drought right now. I've had a mac for over 10 years and have always had a good game to keep me going but right now I'm struggling to find anything to really spark my interest. My all-time favourite was Deus-Ex, but I was disappointed to find that it wasn't supported in OS-X (not even in Classic-mode), and now that my iMac G5 doesn't even have an OS 9 folder at...
May I politely remind everyone this is an International forum!!! :-)
I have a 17" iMac G5 and have had no problems with sleep. It works great and I only shut down when leaving it for 8 hours or more, not that it takes long to start up but 2 seconds as opposed to 30 is a bit better. The only thing with sleeping it at night though is that the pulsating light is so bright I have to cover it or it gets a bit annoying (lights up half the room).
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