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Yikes! So much maintenance!
What do you do when the product is shit? Anything but show off the product!
  To be fair...not that famous.  I'd never heard of it before the Keynote.  It's not famous like Maui famous or anything.
You can buy the iPhone 5 unsubsidised and without a service contract. The rumoured lower cost iPhone is for people who want... a lower cost iPhone!
No, the CPU performance of the new Mac Pro is simply not what it could've been if the Mac Pro was a larger size with room for two 8 or 10 core processors in there or used only one graphics card instead of two.This is the first firm evidence that the new Mac Pro is essentially a single-socket design, albeit with a custom motherboard. While it is impressive that it can beat a previous dual 6-core setup, it makes one wonder what the Mac Pro could've been had they opted for a...
I encourage people to write to Apple legal and inundate them with requests for information on PRISM and how they allow the NSA to take our data without a court order.   http://www.apple.com/legal/contact/ and select piracy then report the website www.apple.com
  There's a brilliant thread on this running at CNET, which posted a similar scripted "article" posing as "news".  One commentator writes: "Yeah... all of the companies had ominously similar statements about "direct access" and "back doors".   Almost all of the comments are calling the article bullshit.   http://news.cnet.com/8301-13578_3-57588337-38/no-evidence-of-nsas-direct-access-to-tech-companies/
I dI did and since you want to passive aggressively suggest otherwise might I suggest that you failed to grasp the potential enormity of what PRISM and Snowden's revelations mean. I don't for a second believe that PRISM is about appropriate requests for data with a court order as Apple (was forced) to imply with their highly scripted response. There is no need to keep such processes secret. In fact the whole point of a court is that it's an open and transparent...
They still used the qualification "direct access" which is as good as admitting that they allow indirect access (such as to non-Apple backups of the data) to all the information described and more. Sure the messages might be encrypted but I don't believe for a second that Apple doesn't store and keep the messages and encryption keys, even if only for essential service delivery and stability, and if the US government could get access to a temporary site and build their own...
So if the Mac Pro is not the Made in USA Mac that was promised for later this year, then what will be? This is only "Assembled in USA" and Tim Cook and Obama clearly promised they'd start "making" Macs in America again. It sounds like they've deliberately stretched the truth in order to score political points. Very disappointing. Assembling is not making!
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