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That was an awesome Mac.   My first experience of Mac, which my parents bought as the family computer, was the Performa LC 630.   The first Mac I bought for myself was a 12" Powerbook G4.   Since then I've bought an iMac G5, two 17" MacBook Pros (the second being the unibody model), a Mac Pro and the latest (and currently only Mac in my possession) a 15" retina MacBook Pro.  Somewhere in there I also took ownership of a 15" iMac G4, which was one of my...
Shattered like one of their touch-sensitive internet and telephony devices. How apt?
I wish YouTube would just die.  Google has no concept of quality software or the end user experience.  What else do you expect an advertising company to do to a video sharing site but turn it to shit.  Google has no history or background in video.  They know the web and they know how to track you and sell your information to advertisers and that's about it.   Vimeo is a million times better.  I actually suggested Apple build a Vimeo app in the home screen of iOS but I...
Apple can say whatever they want, but does the public believe them?  That's what this is about now...trust.   Personally I think anyone that trusts anything that comes out of NSA or any of the providers such as Apple that are bound by secret courts to deny knowledge of everything is naive.
I have a feeling the shit is going to go down in a really big way with all these providers very soon, even more so than it has already. Remember Snowden appears to have anything and everything of sensitivity from NSA and he's choosing to release it bit by bit for maximum impact and to catch the government and tech companies out even more. This could go on for years and I for one am glad that an American hero emerged to expose the Five Eyes governments for doing in 2013...
 Except it makes total sense to have more than one PCI-E SSD slot if it can fit in the existing chassis. Given the existing SSD is put in front of one of the GPU boards and two two boards are the same GPUs I see no insurmountable reason why Apple couldn't have given users another slot in front of the other GPU.  Going from four internal drive bays (plus multiple internal PCI slots) to one internal SSD storage slot is by far the biggest limitation in the new design. Yes the...
Yeah but...games!  Talk about fun police!  Who would say you can have an app store but you're not allowed to play solitaire?  Seriously?
Bullmer was clueless but I still find Gates more irritating.
Yeah I'm clearly in the wrong game. No money in science or disaster impact assessment (in Australia anyway).Must try to think of a startup and monetise it.
"However, the analyst doesn't expect that Apple will release a television set in the near future. If the company were to develop and sell its own TV set, such a device is "unlikely" to be released in 2014, he believes." Could this be the first time an 'analyst' is right about anything???
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